Rose City Disc Club: Irony in History

A few weeks ago I was playing disc golf at Lindsey when someone mentioned the early history of disc golf in Tyler and how I was a part of it. The discussion went on until it mentioned my involvement in the foundation of RCDC. It's true that I was one of… more »

A Bit of Tax Advice

I have been preparing tax returns for aVITA site for the past three years. In the course of my work there I continue to be amazed at how much tax firms attempt to charge for tax preparation. Taxpayers either can't afford their fees or have resolved from… more »

Destroying the social network

When advisors talk about business promotion the one thing that I hear the most often is "embrace the social network" and strategically use it to make yourself known. I predict that in the not too distant future the benefits of social networking… more »

Reporting 1099-MISC Income

When a client comes in for their tax preparation and presents you with a 1099-MISC, what is your response? Unless you are familiar with your client's activities, you should probably ask questions to determine how to handle it. more »

VITA Royalties

Training for royalty transactions in VITA are brief and instructions for how to enter them in Taxwise are not easy to find. With some trial and error and investigation, I believe I understand how to best enter them in Taxwise. It is rather… more »

VITA (Taxwise) Intro

Working at VITA is quite a learning experience. Working with the IRS, non-profit organizations are able to offer free tax assistance to low-income individuals via the "Volunteers in Tax Assistance" program. To adequately staff the site, the VITA… more »

VITA Pointers I

After the first week at VITA I came across some issues that might be of interest to other VITA-ites. 1099-MISC There is an option to add Businees/1099-MISC income in the Income page of the Interview, where you add the W-2s and other 1099s. Only use that… more »