Subject Lists


Subject lists are customized lists of words, mostly based on a subject. They are custom in that they are not calculated based on a word search. Still, only words that are in the currently selected lexicon are shown. A couple of subject lists in this version of Hoot are Common Names and Common Places.

Raw subject lists may contain unplayable words, in which case they would not be displayed until the selected lexicon includes that word. For example, the frequently used disc golf terms HYZER and ANHYZER are not valid words, yet.

You can create your own subject lists and the process has been enhanced significantly. Plus, you can edit existing lists, by hitting the Edit button after bringing up a list. Although you can create any type of list, many lists, such as terms beginning or ending with a word, can be generated from the search screens within Hoot.

Like other lists, you can use the context menu and save a list of the words displayed, but since these are filtered through the lexicon in use, some words in the list may not be included. To export all words in a named list, valid or not, use the Subject List Editor and Export List.