About Lexicons

Hoot now includes the Word Judge 2 lexicon, the official WGPO word list. The Word Judge lexicons contain words up to 21 characters in length and is also suitable for Super Scrabble® games. In order to show words longer than 15 characters in Hoot select the word length in Tools > Options. Thanks to Maliha Mendoza Mahmood and the The Word Game Players' Organization (WGPO) for allowing me to include the Word Judge lexicons in Hoot.

Lexicons are not automatically added to the Hoot database with an update, but can be downloaded from the Hoot website and imported. Other lexicons you can use include the Enable word list, which is what Words with Friends is based on. Yawl is the word list used be WordSmith, another word game. After installation, you can select the lexicon to use at the bottom of the main program window.

You also have the ability to add custom lexicons as well as import and export lexicons. See Lexicon Creator for more information about creating and importing lexicons. See Lexicons for information about exporting lexicons. The import/export functionality includes the words as well supporting indexes for hooks, probability, and other details.

Also within Hoot are Subject Lists and Text file lists. Subject lists are lists of words selected based on a subject. Although Subject Lists may contain words that are not in the selected lexicon, only words in the current lexicon are shown in search results. Text file lists are taken from a text file, but word validity is distinguished. You can download or create your own Subject Lists and add them to Hoot.