Special Lists


Predefined Lists includes several special lists useful for beginning, or fun, word study. Studying these words will help you manage your plays when you have a challenging rack or opportunities for a big score.

Vowel Heavy

To make this list a word less than four characters long must have at least 75% vowels, and the rest must have at least 61% vowels. That means three letter words must have all vowels, and four letter words must have at least three. Seven letter words must have 5 vowels. Vowel issues can also be solved by searching in other screens for double or triple I's or double U's.

Double II

A simple list of words with at least two I's. The list includes all word lengths, but sorting normaly you can focus on four or five letter words.

Double UU

A simple list of words with at least two U's.

No Vowel

The No Vowel list is self explanatory, and there is an alternate Consonant dump with few vowels.

Consonant Dumps

To make this list a word must have more than 82% consonants, so any word less than six characters long with a vowel, is omitted. Of course, unlike the saying, the letter Y is always considered a consonant.

Q not U

A very useful set of words to learn are the words that contain a Q, but not a U.


These are mirror image words that are spelled the same forward and backward. It might be a named list but it can be calculated by the search engine.

No Hooks

The No Hooks button simply displays the words that do not take a hook. The list shown includes all words up to 7 letters, but you can filter the words based on the letters in the Filter box or use the usual sorting. In other words, the filter shows the words that you can play with the letters in the filter box. You can also use the ? for blank or unknown letters.