Stems are words (legal or not) that are the foundation for forming several other words by adding a single letter and rearranging the letters.

Using stems is a popular method for study, and certain groups of stems can form many other words. The list of stems includes top 6-letter stems, other 6-letter stems, top 7-letter stems, and other 7-letter stems.

While the option displays the stems in each group, the most valuable tool is the slide show. When selecting Blank Anagrams, the slide show is shown with the blank anagram subsearch. That takes each word in the list and shows what other words can be formed by adding a letter. You can navigate from word to word, as well as display the anagrams formed along with their possible hooks. Previously a separate blank anagrams screen was being used.

Similar to the slide show, there is now an option to start a quiz in slide show mode. In the quiz, you list the blank anagrams for each featured word.

Show Alphagrams will sort the letters of each word. After showing alphagrams you can then select to sort Alpha and it will sort by the alphagram. The slide show has similar options for displaying alphagrams. The quick review context menu option in this screen also indicates if the selected stem is a valid word. Not all stems are valid words alone.