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jason (
cheetah kc- this disc was awsome when i got it but now it turns hard right
xl- i think this is the best disk use it for everything
birdee- good putter like a bottle cap

Posted on Monday, December 27, 1999 at 18:35
kent (

xl-long straight and slightly left drives-some long turnover drives
gazelle-medium to long straight and turnover drives-sometimes used to putt with, especially in the wind
roc-good for many shots, straight and left turning drives up to about 300 feet
cyclone 2-use into the wind
classic roc-straight and turnover driver up to about 240 feet and it is also my main approach disc and putter

Posted on Saturday, December 25, 1999 at 01:22
I have a 175g eagle, a175g gazelle, a 176g cyclone, a172g X2, two 175g soft magnets, one 165g aviar, and a 174g panther. I also have plenty of candy bar wrappers, cigarrette butts, some change, and a foul towel, and a fake lemon( can't go long without the lemon, it also makes for good hexes on your opponent)

Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 1999 at 13:04
Carl Praggg (
what i carry
Drivers: Cheetah 175g..Straight
Gazelle:(found this one)173.glides to the right
Midrange: 171 shark...165 fly-dye.
PUtters: Avair..Omega....Birdie(the worst disc made)
2 towels
bottle of water joe(caffenated water)
pack of camels
this is just a summary of what i have
email me if your in the Delaware area and you want to throw a couple of rounds.

Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 1999 at 12:45
John Roy (
Driver Disc: usually an XL 174 or so, but the JLS is loooong distance!Cheetah is good too.
Approach will depend on the hole but Stingray, Stratus or Roc is the best.
Situation holes where I need to turn right is a Stratus or Stingray (I throw righty- backhand)
My best putter is a soft Magnet, but my first ace was with a Omega Super soft

Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 1999 at 09:29
Jack Tousley (
I just started disc golf, I'm only 11 years old, but I knew how to throw a disc since I was 3. I only have two discs to start out with, an Innova cheetah and an Innova birdie. But my dad has gotten a lot of discs, but he likes my cheetah the best!

Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 1999 at 17:45
Steve Z (
In my bag is:
1 Cheetah 175g; Most used long range driver I have, and it shows
1 Raven 175g; Great driver, I use for shorter drives with many obsticles.
1 Polaris LS 175g; This is my favorite driver for long, straight throws. Since most of the courses around here have only 3-4 straight fairways, I don't use it much, but it always flies great when I need it.
1 X-Clone ??g; I don't use this much, usually only for 300 foot left curves.
1 Banshee 168g; I throw with a side arm because of back problems and because of this, most of my discs fly to the right. This flys more right than any other disc that I have ever seen. I is great for getting around trees and getting out of bad placements. I love this disc, it doesn't matter how hard I throw it or how bad my release is, it always compensates and flies far and where I want it to go.
1 Marauder 169g; This was one of my favorite discs when I started out, but I don't use it much now, I replaced it with the Raven.
1 Scorpion 173g; Another one of the discs that I got when I first started. I still use it though on long precise throws that I don't really need to use all my strength to throw it.
1 Shark 180g; I use this to throw at squirles. (Just kidding) I don't use this one much anymore. It has been through a lot with me and my son and it has many nichs and dents. It used to fly good, but now.......
1 Stingray 180g; Great Midrange disc. I use this for almost all of my 100 to 150 foot throws. Sidearmed it flys nice and straight until the end with just a slight curve to the right.
1 Classic ROC 175g; I use this for the precise approach throws. It goes where I want it every time and stops when it hits.
1 Cobra 179g; Great disc when for approach in the forest courses. I just really like it.
1 Hammerhead 180g; We have some courses that have nasty water holes and I got tired of getting wet to get back my non-floating discs or just waving good bye. It flies nice, but I only use it when I have to.
1 Jaguar 170g; Another one of my first discs. It was good for the learning curve, but I don't use it anymore. With all of the niches and chips in it, I don't think it would fly right anymore.
1 Piranha 172g; Nice putter for those upwind putts.
1 magnet ??g; My favorite putter. This things finds the chains every time.

The Banshee, Roc, and the Magnet are my night discs for the night games we have. I picked some of them up on accident, but I really like the magnet as a putter.

Posted on Friday, December 17, 1999 at 17:24
Randy Watson #11418 (
Discs in Bag
Drivers: 3 Gazelles 171g anhyzer shots,1 fly-die Gazelle 172g,3 San Marino Rocs 171g all straight shots,2 Polais LS 171g distance,1 Eagle 171g,1 Teebird 171g

Approach: 2 Small bead Avairs 171g,2 Avair Putt&Approach 174g

Hatchets: 2 Panthers 174g

Putts: 2 Avair Putt&Approach 174g

Misc: 2 Cyclones 171g & 176g,1 Cobra 176g

2 towels

2 metal minis

2 pencils

Some cig butts

Posted on Thursday, December 16, 1999 at 21:36


Posted on Thursday, December 16, 1999 at 03:01
Mike Newell (
In My Disc Golf Bag
Driver: Cheetah 175gm. Goes & Stratus 175gm.
Approach: Tank 175gm.
Putter: Aviar 174gm.
Roller: Stingray 172gm.
Misc. Driver: Cobra 174gm. & Typhoon 177gm.
Misc: Raven 177gm. & X-Clone 174gm. & Gazelle 174gm.
A bottle of water
A towel
2 mini disc tees

Posted on Sunday, December 12, 1999 at 06:32
Dennis Rogers (

GAZELLE 174g (main driver for 65% of my shots)
Neither my Eagle, TeeBird, or Leopard has outperformed it yet. It goes long, it goes straight, and its stability is such that it allows a longer glide at the end rather than turning overstable too soon.
(The Cheetah is a great, slightly less stable alternative, but is less forgiving if you throw it too hard and really needed that left turn at the end.)

WHIPPET 175g (the other 35%)
I love this driver. Great for wind. But even on calm days
it is very reliable and predictable for shots that must have a reliable left or right turn at the end. It is a "peace-of-mind" driver. Also, it is tremendously straight and reliable when throwing down from tall cliffs to very far away baskets.

PUMA 170g (when I'm feeling playful)
If you haven't tried the Puma, I very highly recommend it. The Thumtrac is awesome. It doesn't look like it would be a good long range disc, but I've thrown it as far as my Gazelle. This disc just begs to fly straight. It would be my main driver if I were to play in small parks more often where straight pinpoint shots are at a premium. I also recommend it as an alternative to the Whippet for throws off of very TALL cliffs. Aesthetically satisfying! (Stronger arms will achieve great results if thrown slightly hyzer out of the tee-box.)


PANTHER 150 class (for most midrange shots)
This is a very true, comfortable feeling midrange disc. I don't know what I would do without it (since I'm one of the apparently few that very much dislikes the Roc). Throw it hard with a strong hyzer and it will even make a nice long range driver. Throw it flat and hard and it makes a nice turnover driver. Best alternative midrange out there for those who don't like the feel of the Roc (out of Innova's choices that is.)

WOLF 170g (when I'm in the mood for a Thumtrac disc)
Yes, I know I said I didn't like the Roc and I know that the Wolf is supposed to fly like a broken-in Roc. But I do like the Wolf. With very little power, it is a straight floater and with more power, a very reliable helix disc (add even more power and it turns over smoothly -- a beauty to watch).


PANTHER 150 class
Ok, so I've listed it twice. How could I not? I love this
disc! Great for approach AND putting.

RHYNO 174g
Great feel. Inspires confidence. I'm a fan of the Thumtrac discs. If it doesn't drop into the basket, trust it to drop right near it since it is designed to lose spin quickly and drop down at the end of its flight. Great upshot disc also (but Gazelle trumps). After throwing the 174g disc, I have a feeling that the 150 class would be consistenly straight putter.


Eagle Family Discs:

EAGLE 174g: It is an extremely fast disc, extremely fast. If I didn't like the Gazelle so much, it might be my main driver. (Regular plastic breaks in far too quickly, turning it into an understable high speed flyer. If it is going to be your main
driver, I would recommend the Special Edition plastic).

TEEBIRD 175g: Very much a control disc. If you throw it
just right you will achieve impressive results. Maybe slightly more predictable than the Eagle since it is more overstable. (But still, it has outdriven my Gazelle by no more than 5 feet. Bigger arms than mine might achieve better results).

LEOPARD 175g: Very fond of this disc. Just don't know how to fit it into the works with my others. But I do highly recommend it (its stability seems to be wedged right in between the Cheetah and Gazelle and is the least stable of the Eagle family). Another aesthetically satisfying, very fast disc.


HAMMER 175g: (original classic - always in orange)
I learned with this disc 10 years ago. Loved it. Lost
it in a round of night this summer :( Wish Innova still made it. Toughest disc ever! Great disc to cut your teeth on since it is so overstable.

X-CLONE 149g bright white: Favorite disc for night now. Little power = long distance. Probably my favorite Discraft disc.

Posted on Monday, December 06, 1999 at 19:07
Dan Lynch (
-- 1 new and 1 beatup Ram (175-178g): sidearm helix drives or shorter skip shots, and thumber/invert disc
-- 1 new and 1 beat up KC Banshee (173-178g): primary long-range driver, and a mid-range straight driver (sidearm only)
-- 1 new and 1 beatup X2 (170-175g): short to mid-range hyzer drives and upshots
-- 1 new and 1 beatup MRX (168-175g): mid to long-range backhand drives and upshots
-- 1 new Leopard (175g): straight and turnover backhand drives
-- 1 beat to hell Lightning #3 Slice: roller and turnover upshots
-- 1 newish Stratus: roller and turnover upshots
-- 1 newish KC Aviar: striaght turnover short drives and upshots, short putts
-- 1 newish Rhyno: long putts and turnover upshots

Posted on Monday, November 22, 1999 at 23:29
Gavan Petersen (
In my bag is: 1 omega super soft putter, 1 XL, 1X2, 2 Cyclones, 1 Cyclone2, 1 Rhyno, 1 Innova Wolf, 1 Roc, and one gazelle...for rollers.

Posted on Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 15:59
Richard P. Lewis (
every disc is in the 170's
2 XL's one new for long straight tailwind drives
one old for long turnovers
fly-dye cyclone, flat predictable and long
banshee new, one of the meanest stable discs around
3 aviars one is my beat, beat, beat putter, other two for more windy conditions, or short hyser approaches
3 ROC's does it all, one is beat to *&%#$, one is new, and the other is somewhere in the middle.
2 Stratus one super beat for tight turnovers, other relatively new for longer turnovers
X2 for long stable drives
MRX for short far right drives, holds the torque better than any other midrange disc.
Eagle just in case I want to get creative, stable long flight, or forhand roller.
Leopard beat to @#$*&, back-hand roller, also roll stratus.

Posted on Monday, November 15, 1999 at 12:44
john holmes (
long range drivers (max distance with room to throw)

Gazelle 171 overstable but covers alot of ground quick on its flight path.
X-Clone 170 favorite to throw downhill, not quite as much distance as the gazelle for my stroke- but a close second.
Whippet 170 only for windy days

driver-midrange - when more precise drives are needed

Cyclone 172 great all around disc can work magic
Stingray 172 the disc I learned on, well broken in now.use as an accurate driver and mid range. When hot as a long range putter.
Stratus 165 NEW great feel, stable
Eclipse 167 NEW caution comes out the mold sharp as hell.still breaking it in.
Comet 165 Great feel, main aproach disc. Often putt with it.
Hammer 175 old school really worn in to perfection. can do it all- drive,mid range,putt. Main loner I give out to beginners without discs,
rattler 168 I haven't found a putter I really like yet (still searching of course) This one seems to have a mind of its own.
Dolphin 105 light as hell i thought i could really send it into orbit. but use exclusively for hyzer aproach shots trying to stick the chains. Don't even bring it out if its windy.

Posted on Sunday, November 07, 1999 at 15:25
John Hemm (
I don't have a primary Driver or Approach disc. So I'll just explain each disc that I'm currently using.

Cyclone 2: 176g fairly new, Only for Headwind shots.
Cyclone 2: 170g used for long Sidearm shots.
T-Bird: 174g great for long S-curves.
XL: 172g good for long Anhyzers.
Cobra: 175g long and straight.
KC Gazelle:175g similar to the T-Bird, little more understable.
Shark: 174g Mid Range turnover.
ROC: 180g Mid Range Hyzer.
ROC: 174g Mid Range Straight.
ROC: 168g Mid Range Anhyzer.
Aviar: 175g Short Hyzer.
Aviar: 171g Short Straight.

Omega AP Prototype 1.2 Super Soft: PUTTER, Short turnover

Posted on Thursday, November 04, 1999 at 13:38
TOM ()





Posted on Wednesday, November 03, 1999 at 14:02
Robert Zurfluh (
Just modified my bag....Added a heavt T-Bird (longes disc for windy days), and three JLS. One 1.0 heavy-goes really straight. One 1.1 heavy-slightly understable, one 1.1 light-very understable

Posted on Monday, October 25, 1999 at 17:20

Posted on Sunday, October 24, 1999 at 22:50
Ben (
Also... the Sniper(made by Ching)is the best mid range and approach disc ever made It is my favorite(I have the discontion flat head, which rocks).

Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:58
Ben (
The Polaris LS is a nice long range driver. If need those long range shots, use a Polaris LS(long straight).

Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 20:49
ryan kiesel (
I have found that my favorite disk is the Inova eagle.

Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 1999 at 09:34
Billy Joe (
I use all Lightning Discs because that it what I started with.
#2 Driver is a must- long distance and staight line
#3 Flyer is another essential- great carry and works good as roller as well
#3 Slice and #2 Hyzer are two of my favorite mid and sometimes long range discs- I can throw the Hyzer well, but the #3 Slice I do not throw as well. I was told no disc really goes right, especially being right-handed. I have the same problem with my Helix which is supposed to do an S-shaped glide. Can you give me some pointers on how to throw these better?
Rubber Putter and Upshot is a must- I use the Upshot for more mid-range because if the disc is not warped it flies straight; the Rubber Putter is for closer shots.
In addition, I have a #1 Roller disc that I throw decent, but could also use some pointers on how to throw better.

Posted on Thursday, October 07, 1999 at 13:46
kevin stauffer (
long distance driver: XL i love this disc, it has tremendous spin that keeps it floating for those extra yards. i carry three of varying wear. For the shots i need to fall left i throw the X-clone,the only disc i've ever thrown that takes a beating yet still stays consistant for months. into the wind i throw the Ram, nothing can turn it over..nothing. for the long right fading shots i throw the stratus, it has great glide and doesn't roll out after it lands.

short begins and ends with the roc. for right turns though i throw the comet, again like the stratus, has great glide.

approach: the APX, this disc flies true and lands soft, it replaces the classic roc and aviar in my bag.

putter: super soft rhino, the most comfortable putter i've ever held.

all weights are above 172 and color aint a big deal with me. but i do keep my plastic new, once it becomes inconsistant i replace it, usually 2 months and it's gone.

Posted on Sunday, October 03, 1999 at 01:03
Van ()
Left-handed so reverse directions than most

Drivers: Big right turn - Banshee
Straight with slight right at finish - Eagle, XL
Starts turnover to left then returns right - Leopard
Full turnover for left turns - Stratus

Mid-range: Right turns - MRX
All purpose - Shark, Roc
Left turns - Wolf

Putters: Fast drop to the right - Rhyno (soft)
Straighter, more glide - APX

Posted on Thursday, September 30, 1999 at 15:05
Rex Noaker ()
I have a cheetah which is my favorite driver,but i also have a shark , a cobra , and a cyclone.I really like my cyclone too.

Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 1999 at 07:39
nathan till ()
other than my putter{first run apx}I only use two different discs, and they are the eagle and my favorite of all times the roc.{san marino, ontario, cucamonga, I use them all}

Posted on Monday, September 27, 1999 at 21:05
jamie churchill (
Drivers:Polaris LS, Polaris LF, Gazelle, XL, X2
Mid-Range:Stratus, gazelle, Aviar putter
Approach:Aviar, Omega, (other putters depend on the situation)

Posted on Sunday, September 26, 1999 at 11:26
john e (
drivers of choice: exp(sky-dye), eagle , LS

mid-range/approach: shark for medium shots and XD for anything out of putting range.

putters: soft magnet(for heizers) and omega(older for anheizer)

note: i prefer to carry many discs for many shots. a cobra is great for a 200 ft tunnel shot. a stratus or stingray is a perfect turnover disc. a putt and approach hammer is also a great turnover disc for shorter drives. i have a mid 160's gazzelle that two friends retired into non-use that i've made some of my best shots with(mostly long straight shots that anheizer at the very end) thanx for your time and attention and may many aces come your way.

Posted on Thursday, August 26, 1999 at 09:27
Dennis Wallette (
Drivers: XL, X2, Eagle, Teebird
Midrange: MRX, Stratus, Wolf
Approach/Putter: APX, OmegaAP

Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 1999 at 11:56
Dan Doyle (
Drivers: Cyclone 175g; Cheetah 170g; Eagle 169g
Mid-Range: Stratus 175g; DGA #3 175g; Hawk 178g
Approach: Gopher 185g; Zephyr 185g; Upshot 175g
Putter: APX 175g or Omega SS 175g

As an Ultimate player for 20+ years I prefer discs that i don't have to "work". Over-Stable plastic means i have to think too hard about release angles, as opposed to releasing every disc the same way and letting it's natural flight preferences steer it's own path. I throw a lot of sidearms and my mid-range and approach choices perform more predictably than over-stable plastic.

Posted on Saturday, August 14, 1999 at 11:59
Robert (
Drivers (165-170g): Eagle, XL, Leopard
Mid-Range (170-175g): MRX, Roc, Stratus, Wolf
Short Approach / Putters (173-175g): Soft Rhyno, APX

Posted on Monday, August 09, 1999 at 07:29
Cory (
Driver: cyclone
Mid-range: stratus
Putter: magnet

Posted on Friday, August 06, 1999 at 00:19
nate metts (
My primary driver is a blue cobra 150. I can control it low, and that always helps in DFW.
My approach is a 168g. orange XD. Easy to control and good into the wind.
My putter is a battered 168g. faded yellow aviar. I've had it a long time and it always makes me feel lucky.

Posted on Thursday, August 05, 1999 at 23:03
Johan O (
My discbag:


2 EXP 173g and 174g (my first choice driver)
1 Polaris LS 175g (my second choice driver)
1 Polaris LF 175g
1 XL 170g (my third choice driver)
1 X-Clone 176g
1 Viper 173g


2 Aurora MS 177g and 179g (my favourite disc(allround))
1 Cobra Classic 177g
1 Classic ROC 171g

Putt and approach:

1 Omega Super Soft Putter 175g (nice putter)
1 Piranha 175g
1 Aviar 173g

Nowadays do I only buy Millenium discs...very nice discs!!!

Posted on Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 11:36
Justin Moore (
All Discraft :) Becuz they rule and last so much longer :)

2 Cyclone2 ~171g (1 first run)
1 Cyclone 167g
1 Cyclone 174g (Elite plastic, got this at DGLO, it's sweet)
2 XL 174g (Black=stable:) 170g
2 X2 ~174g (1 black one, most overstable thing I've ever thrown)

Mid Range
3 MRX ~ 172g 2 beat for upshots/tomahawks 1 new for driving
1 Comet 178g First Run
1 HD Hawk 176g
3 Stratus ~ 174g Varying degrees of beatness, 1 new for driving, 1 for rollers, 1 for turnovers
1 APX 174g

1 APX 171g

I love Discraft's plastic. It feels so good coming out of your hand. and they all fly exactly where you throw them :)

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 1999 at 16:07
Michael Thur (
Have seven disc's
167 XL For me the plastic is great,it takes a beating,really just learning to throw it far
164Eclipse Goes right nicely and long
168 Stratus Although a mid range flyer I get good distance with it, but the best feature for me is the rolling, can't tell you how many times I've rolled it right where I want it to go,a great straight flyer
168 Comet Mid range Does all that I want it to with little error
Putters- Soft Magnet(warped)What can I say,I'm used to it and it works for me. 175 Rubber Putter Just got it from a guy that used it for a couple of months and doesn't like it, like the feel of it though and for $3.50 will try it for the rest of the year.
170 Xclone Use it once in a while as it is beat up cause it was the only disc I had last year and used it for everything and I was always in the game
Will be adding two more to my collection for this weekend. The #3 Driver cause I like what I see my friends doing with it. And the Eagle. Why,because you can't beat going straight.

Live in Western New York,play every weekend with four or five guys sometimes as many as nine.Play mostly in a local county park that we make up the holes as we go along. We are there so much we call it our park. There are four courses in the area but we seldom see many others. One is a 9hole, two are 18hole and the other is 27holes. We always play at least 27 holes and our team name is {I Could Have Kicked It That Far} because it is always humorus to hit that tree right in front of you and only have to walk a couple of feet for your next shot.If you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?
Because we generally play 27 holes, I designed a frolf card for 27 holes that you don't have to keep flipping over to see the person's name,folds into three and fits nicely in the pocket.If interested I will email as an attachment to those who ask.Design rights belong to team I Could Of Kicked It That Far.

Posted on Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 10:11
danny merkel ()

Posted on Monday, July 12, 1999 at 11:16
John Picklesimer (
I have only been playing for about a year, but have managed to try my share of discs--the ones I am currently carrying, but which are subject to change at anytime, include:


172 Whippet for into the wind
2-172, 167 Polaris LS main driver
172 Eagle just got it really fast, but durability is a question
2-172 Cheetahs one beat for rollers, one for big an-hyzer shots


174 MRX for hard hyzers, my only Discraft disc
2-174 Rocs main midrange disc one is a "Super" Roc, but flies the same for me
2-174 Stingrays for those midrange right turns


175 Aviar for approaches and putting in heavy winds
2-174 Omega SS for normal putting conditions

I have started restricting myself in what I carry--I found myself carrying discs with similar flight characteristics for specific shots and decided this was not a good thing. Must learn to be more versitile with fewer discs....

Posted on Monday, July 05, 1999 at 20:13
"Mikey" Mike Polanin (
172g Orange Cheetah. Primary driver. Extremely beat. It should be retired but I just love it too much, I have to give it a pretty good hyzer to keep it from turning over, but I still luv it.
188g Mottled Green Zephyr(White when I got it but I kinda went nuts with a magic marker, because we play alot here in the snow). Great approach disc. Does exactly what I want, right, left, straight, holds the line right to the end.
171g Omega AP. Flies true drops straight, not the greatest if it`s windy though.
Long Range Drivers
173g Cyclone2 Purple. good disc for the wind, not as good as an x-clone, but it is much less likely to warp if you drive full force into a tree that is only 10 yards away.
169g KC Whippet
170g KC Cheetah - don`t like it as much as my regular cheetah but I like the plastic alot.
171g KC Banshee
172g KC Gazelle
171g #1 Driver
177g #2 Driver floats and glows
172g EXP1
Midrange Drivers
177g Comet. Blue. the must have disc, lets you sneak through very tight fairways with accuracy
173g HD Hawk Yellow. very similar to the Comet but smaller in diameter, gets throught even smaller holes.
171g Shark Yellow. The everything disc. Drive, approach, putt, when I`m bored I`ll play the entire course with this one disc. If anybody from Innova sees this please make it in the KC plastic PLEEEEEEEZE!
163g Eclipse Pink. For rollers and right turns, very beat, I use it if I get into the trees, you`ll never walk past a pink disc in the bush without seeing it.
167g Stingray
165g Stratus both of these are white, both do right turns great, and roll great, also good if you forehand lacks power(don`t fade so hard)
178g Mottled Red Jaguar(another magic maker job) too light to be useful for such a large diameter disc, good for newbies
168g red Rattler- too flimsy, but alright if it`s dead calm and a dog grabbed my other putter
175g red Rubber Putter- very good rim design, great plastic, but not as much float as I`d like from a putter, though it does float in water.
Instead of an actually disc gold bag, I carry my stuff in one of those soft sided cooler bags, all my discs fit in it perfectly, and there`s still enough room to keep a few beers cold.

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 1999 at 14:28
Bill McCarty (
Eagle "First Run" Bright Yellow, 175g
Stingray Home course Hot Stamp I designed, Bright Orange, 176g
Blowfly Putter, Green 169g
Rattler putter, Lots of Stingrays, two XD's, LS, LF, Rocs, Cyclones, A couple of floaters, and DGA flathead stuff.
I carry a lot of Platypus plastic, good stuff, nice stamps. . .
I usually carry around 25 discs for all those situations needing something different.
Also carry sunscreen, bug spray, first aide supplies, and my Sony digital camera to get all those great pics. Even though I do not smoke "cigarettes", I carry pocket ashtrays to give to those who do. . . keep the courses clean.
Also carry extra scorecards, pencils, and about 2 liters of frozen water, which I drink as it thaws.
I love my Lightning bag with the dividers, helps keep all my discs organized.

Posted on Saturday, June 19, 1999 at 09:49
Jimmi "Snake" Craigmile (
Banshee 173g - for headwinds Rhyno - 174g - like thumtrac
Cyclone 166g - easy to throw Tank 169g - see rhyno
Gazelle 167g XD 174g - lifesaver approach disc
Hammerhead 180g - for water
Raven 174g - roller disc
Scorpions 165,168,169 - lots of glide / favorite driver
Viper 168g - for headwinds
Cobra 150g - when it MUST go straight and long
Stingray 167g - right turns
Well as you can see I use alot of different discs . I must be one sick puppy . HAve fun and I'll see ya' out there !!!!

Posted on Wednesday, June 09, 1999 at 23:11
Shaggy (
Distance Driver: 175g Eagle- fastest driver i've seen, pushed my max distance up to 450. They start out pretty overstable, but once they get a few dings ang get a little understable that's when they fly.
Secondary driver: 172g Polaris LS- More predictable into a headwind, but a lot of people call me weird for that so at your own risk. My trick is to throw with a good hyzer and it'll roll flat and hyzer out at the end, it'll eat a head wind up.
Approach disc: 179g Ram in a heavy wind. Massive hyzer at the end will just plop down, very rarely skips.
180g Aurora MS with little or no wind. Will turn slightly right but basically goes straight and flat.
In Oklahoma where 75% of the time we have 20+ pmh winds the most dependable disc is a 175g KC banshee. They don't get understable with wear the way normal banshees do. X2's are also reliable hyzer discs.
Putters: I use a mix of Omega AP's and Aviars. They all feel the same to me and have about the same performance. The trick is to get as mant putters as you can so you can putt your tail off.

Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 1999 at 09:45
Brian (
I'm new to this highly addictive game but here's
what I use(I carry too many):
a red xclone, 171 g, into the wind
a white eagle, 163 g, using it mostly right now to break it in
a KC cheetah, 174 g, nicely broken in
an orange new cheetah, thought I'd lost the old one.
yellow (it's all they had) stratus, 174 g, for rollers.
The (original) orange stratus is at the bottom of a
viscious disc-eating pond! Does anyone scuba?
putter: orange aviar, 174 g

I have other discs, but I am trying to master a new
throwing style, so I'm keeping myself to only a few
discs for now.

Still looking for a better second drive/approach disc.
Any ideas there?

Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 1999 at 22:38
Jukka Kaipainen (
Driver: X-Clone The best one to avoid turnovers. Great also for right turning forehands.
Driver: XL Gives extra 5 meters of distance, when there is not enough space for an anhyzer and you have to throw a straight one or a hyzer. Be careful when it's windy. A "short life-time" disc, as it is good only for rollers after the first scratches.
Driver: X2 A bit more predictable than X-clone. Slightly less overstable.
Mid range: Classic Roc. For 30-70 meter approaches and short drives. Very easy to throw, keeps the same angle all the way. Should be more popular than it actually is.
Putt: Aviar Putter. Just used to it.

Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 1999 at 00:58
W. Ray Murray (
Polaris LS 1.1 171g white Understable Driver/Roller
KC Cheetah 172g white Stable Driver
XL 170g Lt Blue Slightly Overstable Driver Low Wind

Stratus 170g White Understable Approach
Omega AP 1.4 175g White Stable Approach/Putter
MRX 174g Pink Windy/Overstable Approach

Regular Banshee Windy/Overstable Driver/Helix Shots
Sentinel MF Green 173g Overstable Approach tunnel shots
Aurora MF 2.1 Green 174g Stable Approach in wind
Omega Driver 174g White Straight 200-250' shots

I carry some of the drivers in various stages of wear for slight understability until they are no longer usable by me.

Posted on Monday, May 24, 1999 at 23:24
Byron Wood (
XL 172 tie-dye,new: Long, straight, some fade at the end, in any wind.
Eclipse 174 glo, ragged: Long anhyzer with no fade.
Shark 172 glo, old but not ragged: Goes where I throw it, good for anything except long distance. What I grip when I need that killer up-shot.
Soft magnet 169 yellow, sorta new: Putting and short anhyzer drives.

Polaris LS 150 red,new: Long, straight, no wind.
Cheetah 150, yellow, ragged: Long "S" drives, bought it from Joe on my Oak Grove pilgrimage, made my first ace with it. It flew straight when it was new.
Roc 174 white, very old and ragged: Good for anything except long drives.
Whippet 150 gray, new: Forehand shots of moderate distance with no effort, quite predictable.

40 or so discs that live in my car trunk until I'm feeling squirrelly enough to get them out and try something completely different- they all have done something good for me at one point or another.

Some I use---

Cyclones- good when the XL isn't working.
Sharks- the best all-around disc, IMHO.
Ravens- Long and straight but not real consistent about it.
Voyager 150's- see Polaris LS above.
Deuce- Nice up-shot disc, understable.
Phantom +- Goes hard right whether I snap 'em or not.
Aviar- Good for putting, but I like the Magnet better when there's money on the line, and it will anhyzer without fading.
Aurora MS- Good approach shots, but it skips when I don't want it to, and won't skip when I do.
Gazelle 164- Long and straight, why I don't use it more often is a mystery to me.

Posted on Monday, May 24, 1999 at 22:43
Alex Pozzy (
Fairly new XL 172 g - goes far, slight fade
Fairly new X2 174 g - for shorter distance w/ sharp turn
Beat up Polaris LS 174 g - for long turnover drives
Good condition Stingray 179 g - for most turnover shots
Eagle 174 g - Just got it - seems like a Polaris LS but more distance

1 New Roc if I need to fade
1 Broken in Roc that always goes as straight as an arrow
#2 Roller for turning a corner or long forehands
Aviar putter if I'm too close to throw the Roc hard

Putter; Aviar

Posted on Monday, May 24, 1999 at 16:33
Jeffrey Budzynski (
Principal driver: Discraft XL - 173g (light blue, green stamp)
Still working at getting this disc to fly straight, fast, level
and low. Getting better.
Principal mid-range: Innova AviarXD - 170g (red, blue stamp)
When this disc is on, it's ON. Only screws up when *I* do.
Principal putter: Innova Aviar Putter - 174g (yellow, rainbow
stamp. I love this disc. Also use for
mid-range approach shots.

Also carried:
Several spare XLs - appx.172/173g (various colors)
Several spare Aviar putters - appx.175g (various colors)
For putting practice--not for replacing lost putters. Haven't lost a putter yet. :)
Roc - ?g (off-white, black stamp, bird colored in with magic marker) Good for medium-range drives to go straight.
Cheetah - 172g (blue, black stamp) I use this disc when I need
to fade right (understable).
Lightning #2 Driver - 175g (bright yellow, green stamp)
Used near water because it floats, although I've replaced this
disc several times because "float" does not necessarily mean
"float back in my direction." Not crazy about this disc's feel
so unless I'm feeling really unlucky, I'll still throw a non-
floater on water holes. Confidence often pays off, anyway.
#2 Slice - 179g (orange, green stamp) I have this disc for
turnover (understable) flight, but the narrowness of the rim
makes me turn to my Cheetah now instead. Should have bought it
in a lighter weight to maximize the turnover, but what did I
Wham-O Voyager - 175g (blue-green, purple hologram stamp)
I bought this one mail-order, site-unseen, because it was the
first driver I'd heard of from Wham-O and I just needed to have
that. Have an old 71 mold in orange/green that I don't carry--
that one I bought because I was born in '71. :)

I am still struggling to get my drives up near 300ft. I guess most of them are going about 280. I know that sounds laughable to many people, but I cannot figure out what I'm not doing right. I've got plenty of disc-throwing experience, plenty of muscular strength, and I'm not a slow person either. I've also consulted with some "big arms" and thought I'd been following their advice. Why that's not translating into fast and long throws, I don't know, but I'm not giving up.

Posted on Monday, May 24, 1999 at 15:10
Todd Barnash (
X2, 172g - main driver - stable, great glide gives good distance
Roc, 173g, Rancho mold, no stamp - main upshot, flies straight as an arrow, falls off slightly at end
Omega 1.7, 175g - main putter, very sticky & floppy, wedgies are very possible

Eagle, 175g - VERY fast flyer, no glide though, falls off quickly, good into-wind disc, great skipper
XL, 172g - 1st run - slight hyzer, turns up, flies straight
Sniper, 174g, new - straight flyer
Sniper, 172g, beat - long turnover, replacing panther slowly
Panther, 174g - long turnover
XD, 170g, old hard plastic - midrange turnover, great for sidearm anhyzer shots
KC Aviar, 175g - midrange stable, good up to 300' when I don't want to blow by the pin from the tee
Aviar, 174g, slightly beat - midrange w/ slight turnover, same distance as KC Aviar
Midnight Flyer, 161.5g - nothin beats it for slow flying upshots, flies exactly how you throw it.

Posted on Monday, May 24, 1999 at 12:38
Shannon Winn (
Driver- Eagle 174g- Goes far, but throw it HARD (red)
Driver-Banshee(KC) 173g- Never goes to right, very fast
Driver- Banshee-172g- Used nicely, turns right (orange)
Mid-range- MRX- 174g- Smooth, stable, stays left (red)
Mid-range- Roc (KC) 179g- Predictable, stable
Mid-range- Roc- Turnover drive and approach, 'nothing beats Roc'(yellow, nude)
Roller- Polaris LS 159g (blue)Fairly beat-up
Putt/approach- Aviar (KC) 172g Best Aviar yet
Putt/approach- Omega Supersoft 1.6?- Stays in- (green)
Putt/approach- Pat. Pending Aero 160g- magic- (light blue)
Specialty driver- Ram 175g- Most overstable, great sidearm disc-(orange)

Posted on Monday, May 24, 1999 at 07:45
Mats Gullander (
2 ROC 180g (flat Rancho Cucamonga mold) standard disc for midrange drives
2 Rhyno 174g short drives, upside-down and approaches
1 Piranha 175g old overstable mold, my previous approach disc, still use it into wind
2 XD 174g putting, made in the new softer plastic
1 XL 174g long drives when where is no wind
1 X2 174g long drives in sidewind, midrange drives in strong upwind
1 Banshee 174g upwind long drives and hyzers

Posted on Monday, May 24, 1999 at 02:56
Tom (
XL-Overstable Drives
NEW Cheetah-Into wind
Cobra-Straight Drives
#1 Flyer-Roller
#2 Slice-Slice
Shark-All around
Omega SS-Approach/Putting

Posted on Sunday, May 23, 1999 at 07:28
John Edwards (
All of these are 171 up unless noted

KC Cheeta - My main driver right now - long with a slight fade at the end.
Sniper - Almost all 200-250 foot shots - putter with heavy wind.
Soft Magnet (3) - putts and some mid-range
KC Banchee - Long hyzers
Banchee - Some left shots. esp with a side wind.
Beat all to hell banchee - I just carry it for when I am feeling lucky. Three aces to date (Two in one day) on this disk. Mostly goes right for me.
KC Gazelle - Long turn over disk - glides well
Pegasus - When I just have to go left - esp. in the wind!
XClone 150 - hammer/tomato shots
LS Long straight shoots - has been "S-ing" well for me lately
Beat up LS Rollers
Cyclone Long open drives, some upshots and sidearms
Stratus - Thumb rollers - not mastered yet to date
Eagle - I am not sold on this disk at all yet, but I keep trying.
Super Rock - Some short (200-250 shots) but not very often.

Posted on Friday, May 21, 1999 at 11:02
Dana Bell (
XClone - 170g, red. long straight drives, some hyzers
#2 Driver - yellow. long approach shots, sidearm shots.
Rubber Putter - 172g, red. putting
Eagle - 170g, orange. looong drives.
XL - Blue. Long drives with no drop off.
#1 Roller - rolling, wind resistant fades.
Panther - long drives downhill that turn into rollers or short shots that have to go right.
EXP1 - Only got one and I'm still experimenting. A touchy disc for me, but a long one when I do it right.
Polaris LF - medium to long range drive with a minimum of fade.
Polaris LS - long drives, when it needs to go right.
Cyclone2 - my overstable, wind resistant, skip disc.

Posted on Thursday, May 20, 1999 at 20:50

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