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obiwandiscobi ()
the Beast is indeed the Valk on steroids. obiwan throws heavy valks, and a heavy beast rules as well. if you like Firebirds and Valks and want the "in-between", this is it. Newer Demon mold is WAY overstable. CE Shark is true to the Ontario mold and kicks major ass. Hail the Shark (beadless Roc)!

Posted on Monday, December 30, 2002 at 07:59
Steve Hepker (
As of 12/28/02 I have: 3 valkyries, 2 beasts (super valkyries), 1 jls, 1 storm, 1 stratus, 1 omega ap, 1 soft omega, and 1 x-puttr. The beast is going to be the big disc this year. It may even get the distance record this year. The beast is great for forehand and will probably make a good roller.

Posted on Saturday, December 28, 2002 at 14:54
Rick Sawdon (
I'm a recreational player with 5 years of experience. I throw a right-handed backhand, and my longest throws measure 300-310 feet. I use a Gateway Tour Bag that holds about 23 discs in the main storage area, with capacity for about 10 more in the two side pouches. I currently have 103 discs in my collection, and here are the fortunate ones that make the final cut:

My primary driver is the Innova-Champion Gazelle. Innova classifies it as being a "very long range" driver. For me, it has most of the distance of their "ultra long range" drivers--except that it has more control, accuracy and predictability. Because I don't have a big arm, I emphasize "course management" in my strategy, and I value those attributes at a premium. I select from several weights depending on the wind conditions and the angle of release.
Gazelle, 11x KC Pro, 150g. in translucent white;
Gazelle, 10x KC Pro, 160g. in glorious white;
Gazelle, 10x KC Pro, 166g. in creamy white;
Gazelle, 10x KC Pro, 171g. in semi-translucent white;
Gazelle, 10x KC Pro, 175g in frosty white.

My favorite approach disc is the XD. I keep a spreadsheet of what discs I used off the tee when I scored a deuce. For holes in the 200' to 240' range, this disc has gotten me more deuces than any other. The XD is also my favorite putter in light wind conditions.
XD, made in DX plastic, 164g. in bright red.

I carry several other drivers with me that offer more distance than the Gazelle--at the expense of control. I might use them if I want to make a "Hail Mary" attempt to reach a hole that's just out of the range of my Gazelles.
TeeBird, DX, 168g. in smokin' red;
Cheetah, 10x KC Pro, 168g. in pearly white;
TeeBird, 9x KC Pro, 175g. in lovely white.

Also for extra distance, I carry a couple of 150 class drivers that I enjoy throwing in calm conditions.
TeeBird, DX, 148g. in pumpkin orange;
Eagle, DX, 143g. in solar orange.

I carry several discs for turnover shots.
Hammer Head, special plastic that floats, 180g. in glowing orange: slowest speed turnovers;
Stingray, DX, 180g. in crimson red: midrange turnovers or longer approach shots in calm conditions;
Leopard, DX, 165g. in fire-truck yellow: long range turnovers or hyzers that flatten out;
Leopard, DX, 175g. in fire-truck red: long range turnovers.

I also carry a good midrange disc
Classic Cobra, DX, 179g. in snowy white: Innova describes it as "combin[ing] the best features of the Cobra and Stingray."

Every once in a while, you've got to use the 360 turnaround flex shot for fun on an open hole. I like the Cheetah Two, which Innova describes as "a small run of Gazelle plus Cheetah." Relative to a similar weight Gazelle, I find the Cheetah Two to have much more stability, but retaining the control and predictability.
Cheetah Two (a.k.a. Flat Top Cheetah), DX plastic, 165g. in Valentines Day red.

I carry some other approach discs, in addition to my beloved 164g. XD that I mentioned earlier.
"Classic" Aero, DX, 149g. in psychedelic purple: putts, if there's a strong wind directly at my back;
"Classic" Aero, DX, 180g. in deep red: approach shots and putts in completely calm conditions;
XD, DX, 174g. in fiery red: an alternative to the 164g. XD in slightly more windy conditions;
"Classic" Roc, DX, 162g. in hot red: offers more stability than the XD, but less than a Roc;
Roc, DX, 149g. in electric blue: used for approach hyzers and skip approaches;
Roc, the venerable 8x KC Pro, 175g. in burnt orange: approach shots / putts into the wind or strong L-R crosswinds. [For tailwinds and R-L crosswinds I would probably opt for something less stable.]

I hope that those of you with a similar ability level find this to be helpful. Thanks to everyone who responded, as I enjoyed reading all of the submissions and learned some valuable tips!

Posted on Friday, December 27, 2002 at 23:56
John T Torrez (
IN my Tour BAG:
Callaway GBB 6.5*
Titleist Know Right 12*
Zevo FLY-TI 3 wood & 5 wood
Callaway VFT 4-PW
Scooty Cameron TEi3 long neck
Vokey wedges

Posted on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 at 12:35
Phillip Carter (
By the way, if you are down south(FL,MS,AL,LA,AR) email me and I will let you know about tourneys or come play a round with my friends and I.

Posted on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 11:24
Phillip Carter ()
I have been playing for a year and have been in two Southern Nationals Disc Golf Championships. I carry:
CE Eagle 174 (My finger pop disc)
stratus 172 (My rightie,roller)
SE Valkyrie 172 (For those long Anhysers)
Z-XL 174
Z-Cyclone 172
Fly-Dye Z-Cyclone ( My ace in the hole)
Cyclone 174
Glo-Roc 177 (For my long putts)
KC Pro Roc 177 (Flat and beat -up, I am the only one I know who can throw it with accuracy including the finger pop.)
And my Soft Aviar Putter

Posted on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 11:22
obiwandiscobi ()
skywalker lost the sacred CE Valk, so i summoned a JK to replace. all you darkside whiners who dissed her are fools. she is way sweet and flies straight as hell for a hard plastic driver....

JK Valk 172 tyedye-one bad driving bitch
Demon 175-midrange force
Wizard-banging chains

did you think a jedi would use anything but valks, demons, and wizards?????

Posted on Friday, December 06, 2002 at 14:59
Jim Plattes (
So many discs....So little time
JK Valkyrie - this model holds the distance record, so it must be good. 167 grams. Kind of slippery.
MRX - I was using a shark, then an Avair for approach shots, but since I found this disc, I've been using it for approach shots. It feels great in my hand. It tracks beautifully. I just switched from the three finger grip to a modified fan grip for approach shots, and this disc is working for me. Plus I love the tie-dye pattern.
Teebird 169 grams(regular plastic) - I hit my one and only ace with this disc on a 240 foot hole. I lost that one, but I keep buying them. I've lost three.
Avair - Good putter.
ZXS - It looks good. Easy to find in the snow. Green translucent. Hit a lot of trees and roads with it and it still is in good shape.
KC Cheetah - Just got this. Beautiful fly dye pattern. I started with a Cheetah two years ago so it's a sentimental purchase. It's got the CHAMP'S initials on it. It must be good.
Elite X2 - I found this one too. It seems to be good. It weighs 172 grams.
Eagle 148 grams - They say the light weight discs are harder to control. I don't always bring this one along. Good for downwind shots.

I've got a lot of other discs. I don't know how to evaluate them all. I keep aquiring them.

I'm a new player. Only two and one half years. My game is evolving fast. I'm over 50. I started out using only sidearm for distance shots. I'm trying to perfect the backhand for longer distance. I have to learn to throw over 300 feet. It's going to happen. I play almost every day.

Posted on Thursday, December 05, 2002 at 21:57
Halfmoon ()
Disc Weight Use
1. Elite Z XS 167 Long open shots
2. Elite Z Reaper 174 Headwinds
3. Elite Z Xpress 173 Long easy anhyzer
4. Elite Z MRV 174 200'-300' Predictable
5. KC TeeBird 169 Light Headwinds and uphill
6. CE Valkyrie 150 Long straight to turnover (no wind)
7. DX Viper 174 Short hyzers (for those 200' elbows)
8. DX Cobra 170 Utility disc. Flick shots, tomahawks and mid range turnover
9. Elite X APX 162 Putting and short approaches
10. Elite X Super 173 Putting
Soft Putt'r
11. DX Aviar 174 Because you never know

Posted on Tuesday, December 03, 2002 at 23:14
Dario Re (
1. CE Firebird X 172 300'-400' Heizer
2. DX Whippet X 175 Hard Heizer Approtch
3. 10X KC Eagle 174 450'+ Helix
4. 11X KC Teebird 175 300'-400' Straight w/cut
5. 10X KC Teebird 174 300'-400' Straight
6. CE Teebird/Leopard 171 300'-400' Turnover
7. DX Archangel 169 Sky Rollor
8. CE Aero 175 under 300' Turnover
9. DX Stingray 179 under 300' Straight/Rollor Apportch
10. CE Spider 175 under 300' Heizer
11. DX Spider 175 150'-250' Approtch
12. Aviar Putter 174 50'-150' Approtch
13. Aviar Putter 175 Putter

Posted on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 22:43
Weasel (
1 glo eagle.....170
1 KC Eagle......169
1 glo leopard...169
1 glo Xtra......172
1 Z-XL (Full Sail stamp) 171
1 Z-Cyclone.....172
1 roc...........180
1 gumblunt......171
1 Blow Fly......171
1 Firebird......174

Posted on Friday, November 08, 2002 at 15:15
DiscGolfPlayer (
2 CE Firebirds... 174 Blue... 166 Orange... long hyzer shots
1 CE Valkyrie... 151 Red... Anhyzer shots
1 JK Valkyrie... 174 White... long anhyzer
3 Teebirds... 169 Red... 175 White... 174 Yellow... Long stable
3 Rocs... 169 White... 174 White... 176 Yellow.. Stable approach
2 JK Aviar-x... 172 White... 172 White... Great putter

Very small first aid kit... 2 Penciles... Sharpie... PDGA rule book... 3 Minis... PDGA membership card... Scorecards... Water bottle... 2 towels

Posted on Sunday, October 27, 2002 at 11:59
Samantha Price (
Hi! My name is Samantha and my brother's birthday is coming up soon and he loves disc golf. He has been telling me he really wants a disc golf basket (pole hole) in our backyard, so I wondered if there's a way to make them (they are VERY expensive), if anyone has any ideas PLEASE PLEASE email me at thankyou!


Posted on Saturday, October 26, 2002 at 13:38
JJ (
Elite Z XL
In Flight
Elite X XS

Elite Z MRV

Innova Aviar

Posted on Friday, October 18, 2002 at 19:26
Rob Byrns (
In my Ping Tour bag (white) I have:
A Ping TISI Tec 8.5 Degree driver
Ping ISI-K steel shafted irons 1 through LW
Ping Zing 2 Putter.
Wal-Mart Tees
Titleist DT Distance balls.
Sunscreen for my bald head.
Bottle opener for my brewskies!

Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 22:46
Barefoot (
In what threads are still holding my bag together I carry:
2 first run c.e.valkyries 1 new174gr(long "s"turns minor hyzers) 1 beat173gr(anhyzers-rollers)
4 aviar putters172-175gr (putting-duh)
2 c.e.firebirds171gr 175gr(knife hyzers, skips, most forehand drives)
7-8 other misc. discs for experimentation and trading

Posted on Monday, October 07, 2002 at 01:32
Karl Nehring (
My bag was getting too cluttered, so I have tried to cut back:

Z-Reaper 175 gram, red (for stiff headwinds)

11X KC Pro TeeBird 169 gram, clear red (drives with some left fade, light headwinds)

JK Pro Valkyrie 165 gram, clear green (still conditions)

CE Valkyrie 160 gram, violet (tailwinds)

Elite X Storm 169 gram, violet (straight drives in narrow fairways)

DX Stingray 177 gram, white (anhyzer drives)

Elite Z MRV,170 gram, orange (long approaches w/some hyzer)

Aurora MS 172 gram, white (long approaches, straight or anhyzer)

Elite Z Putt'r 172 gram, blue (short approaches/long putts)

Elite X Putt'r 172 gram, red (short putts -- I have not used this much, will compare it to my soft Wizard)

Posted on Friday, October 04, 2002 at 10:48
My bag is probably a little more rounded than most, but only because I like to have options. I probably should narrow down my selection, but then I wouldn't have all my options! So, here goes...
I have a 173 Z Reaper, a 163 EXP, a 171 Archangel, a 170 Champion Ed. Eagle, a 172 Eagle, a 171 Teebird, a 174 Cheetah, a 166 Roc, a 179 MS polaris (I think polaris), a 176 Shark, and 3 Aviar Putters, all 174. I am soon going to be pulling out most of my old plastic and putting in a 172 XL superdrive, a 169 Terminator X-clone, and a 175 Cyclone.

Posted on Sunday, September 29, 2002 at 14:22
Kyle Greenfield ()
I Have In My Bag An Inova Cobra,An Inova Firebird,An Inova Lepard,An Inova Shark,A LS Poloris 1.8,And A Clear Yellow Disc.

Posted on Friday, September 27, 2002 at 23:18
Houston Gentry (
In my Revolution Bag with my new quad shock harness (which is so sweet) I carry the following.
For big distance: 2 CE Valkeries 166 and 1 JK Valkerie 165
For big hyzer drives: 2 CE Firebirds 167
For Staight or Controlled drives: 2 CE T-bIRDS 170
For big anhyzer shots and rolls. 1 nicely broken in KC Eagle 170
For midrange or anything under 350: 1 Elite Z MRV 175 and 1 Elite X MRV 175( this ones nice and beat up)
Putting: I have lots of aviars but I have just recently discovered the WIZARD and I think I may switch you throw that wherever you want it to go.

Posted on Thursday, September 19, 2002 at 12:48
Roger (
My bag has changed a little so here goes;I still carry 2 ching bombs, for mlong straight drives,2 x plastic cyclones they dont tear up as quickly as regular ones and are just as reliabe,4 X-Clones (2 x plastic& 2 Regular)for sidearm and "scooby"shots,2 regular plastic teebirds(I just dont like the KC & CE plastic), 1stingray for rolling,1 xpress (to see if its as good a roller as they say),1 whippet(great wind disc),2 Rocs (what can i say ,they go where you throw them),1 Omega ss putter and 1 Quantum omega putter(haven't thrown it much but it should come in handy for shots between my rocs and reg. putter.

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 at 13:16
obiwandiscobi ()
the new Wizard is the shiznit. heard about it, heard about it, etc, til i took my ass to funky town and got one. works better than the force. Gateway is rising!

Posted on Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 07:15
greg (
I try to carry as few discs as possible - usually only three to four (although I have a whole trunkload of the damn things). These are the ones I carry the most often.

- KC Eagle 168g. (for my longest shots where I have a lot of room above and to the right. Even with a decent chunk out of it, the disc still flys on autopilot - gotta love that plastic)
- Cheetah 150 class (for those long distance, finesse shots. This thing takes almost no skill to throw well.)

- Aurora MS 162g. (this thing is amazing - it goes straight and drops like a rock. I sometimes throw this rather than my drivers if there is a serious wind or if I need to go very low).

- Classic Roc 163g. (this is really more of a mid-range disc, but it is so stable at low speeds that it performs better than my other three putters, even if I have to give up a bit on the chain-grab).

I also sometimes carry a 175g Stingray for slice shots and rolling in place of the KC Eagle (especially on shorter courses).

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2002 at 18:08
Rob (
I throw right handed side arm.

I use a tee bird as a driver because it gives me the best distance and flies straight.

I use a viper in the wind because it does not lose much distance even when the wind is pretty fierce. I also use this disc to dog leg left along with a valkyrie which dog legs left good.

I use a 150 eagle to dogleg right. If you throw it right it is the best disc for going right.

I use an XD for approach shots because it is easy to control except in heavy wind.

I use an aviar for putting.

Posted on Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 15:33
Jason (
I throw a right handed side arm drive and have found the Gateway Warrior to be the most stable with the best distance.

Posted on Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 11:59
SirCaustic (
Leopard - 168G - I use this for those super long tees. It can do low liners or high hyzers. I get great distance from this one.

Cheetah - 148G - 150 Class. Love 'em! This has quite the left hook on it towards the end of the flight, but it will go pretty damn far if you put your arm into it.

Gazelle - 168G - long driver, usually for straight shots that bend to the left. Lots of distance if you keep it low.

Stingray - 176G- not old enough to be a roller just yet, but really good distance and it WILL go right if you force it.

Moray - 164G - just got this one and I am still trying to figure it out. I seem to be really inconsistant with it right now, though.

Viper - 177G - I only throw this one overhand. Great for going uphill as it tends to land on its face and slide for forward; therefore, it usually doesn't roll back down the hill for you, which as we all know, can be a royal pain in the ass. =)

Rhyno - 150G - another 150 class. Can't tell you how great these are. I can use this sucker for tee shots on shorter holes and it is a good go for it disc as it usually stay in one place once it hits the ground.

I also have a few others that I just don't throw very often. You name it, it is probably in my among my extras. I can't say enough about those 150 class discs; they are especially good if you happen to have a boy/girl friend that does not throw often and needs a little extra distance, accuracy, etc.

Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 13:29
ObiWanDiscobi (
DX Valk-Distance/turnover driver
CE Valk/CE Firebird-overstable driver
KC/CE Roc-long mid
CE Spider-approach/wind/line drive putts
DX Spider-beat, straight putter
Demon/Gator-overstable and dive bomb mid shots
Superduperbionicbubonicchronic-the tonic for the game

Posted on Friday, August 16, 2002 at 15:53
Ryan R. (
Ok, I've gone nuts. I havent been playing long and I am trying just about everything. Had to get a bigger bag so I can throw alot of discs when I play alone. I'll throw 2-3 drivers, and then 2-3 approach, and then 2-3 putters on every hole. I listed my bag about a month ago and now its completely different.

Here goes:

EXP1, 156g, white (beat, pretty understable)
Elite XS, 168g, tiedye (very beat, very understable)
CE Valkyrie, 169g, yellow (pretty new, very long drives)
Z-XS, 165g, yellow (pretty new, very long drives)
Pro Line Leopard, 174g, tiedye
Pro-D Cyclone, 171g, red (new, still getting to know it)
DX Gazelle, 170g, yellow (haven't thrown much)
KC Pro Teebird, 172g, tiedye (was my fave, now understable)
CE Teebird, 170g, yellow (one of my new faves)
KC Pro Eagle, 172g, tiedye (gotta keep the nose DOWN!)
DX Banshee, 172g, yellow (beat, good forehand disc)
Pro-D Reaper, 175g, red (new, overstable, fast, I likes)
CE Firebird, 174g, orange (FAST! MEAN! good in the wind)
DX Firebird, 170g, white (long left turns, big hyzers)
DX Firebird, 167g, blue (big hyzers in light wing)
DX WhippetX, 175g, white (stumped, wayyyy overstable)
KC Roc, 178g, white (awesome, broken in, straight as heck)
Ching Roc, 180g, white (pretty new, slightly overstable)
Z-MRV, 173g, yellow (awesome, slightly worn, midrange hyzers)
Z-MRV, 173g, blue (brand new, unthrown)
CE Spider, 173g, clear blue (approach disc, still learning)
CE Spider, 173g, clear green (same)
XD, 170g, yellow (way understable approach disc)
DX Rhyno, 175g, red (windy putter, drops fast)
DX Aviar, 175g, red (beadless, main putter)
Pro-D Magnet, 171g, yellow (might become my main putter)
Wizard, 160g, blue (kinda light, but straight and effortless)

My master plan is to work with all these and get down to about 12-15 discs that I understand and have a good feel. But for now, DAMN... carrying all these is a chore!

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 03:32
Mr. Toad ()
Innova Proto. "Star" Stingray. 172g. White - Turnover/Specialty
Innova Aviar. Pre-Pat. Pend. No bead. Soft. 172g.- Blue App/Putt
Innova Aviar. 9X KC Big bead. Firm. 172g. White -App/Putt
Gateway Wizard. Firm. 175g. Lt. Blue. - App/Putt
Gateway Wizard. Firm. 165g. White. - Approach
Gateway Proto. G2I (Apache). Firm. 167g. Dk. Pink. - Driver/Spec
Innova San Marino Roc. Toronto Worlds Stamp. 174g. Yellow. - App
Discraft MRV. 2002 MN Majestic Stamp. 174g. White. - Approach
Discraft MRX. 2001 Pro Worlds Stamp. 176g. White. - Approach
Discraft Cyclone. "Well-schooled." 172g. White. - Turnover/Spec
Discraft Z-XS 172g. Dk. Blue. - specialty driver/approach
Innova CE Teebird TL. 168g. Red. - driver
Innova SE Teebird TL. 168g. White. - driver
Innova DX Valk. 169g. White. - driver
Innova CE Valk. 150g. Blue. - driver
Innova CE Valk. 161g. Blue. - driver
Innova CE Valk. Flat-top. 172g. Clear. - specialty driver
Innova CE Valk. 173g. Yellow. - specialty driver
Innova DX Eagle EL. 166g. White. - driver
Innova DX Firebird. 168g. White. - specialty driver

Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 16:17
Dustin Coleman (
What do I use...
The essentials-

Driver = Championship Edition Valkyrie_169 (not yet named) smooth ride, straight or big swooping left turn.

Driver = XTRA_169 (Bunni- I'll be playing a pink number today) when I need to go straight into the wind or turn hard left.

Reverse Driver = Beat to hell Ghazelle_173 (not named) when you gotta go the other way, or tomahawk.

Approach = Comet_173 (Gravity- Ain't she a bitch) I know exactly how this disc turns, and I know I can throw it straight if need be, but I prefer to approach with a hard curve.

Putter = Blow Fly_168 (not yet named) I just started using this but the grip, soft rubbery plastic, and the groove are just perfect.

If I had to say one thing, keep the courses clean! I just had a course closed on me up here in Wisconsin cause of people having beer parties on the course. I know its natural to be golfing with a 40 every once in a while, but please throw it away on your way out or take the trash with you. Thanks

Posted on Sunday, August 04, 2002 at 23:16
Tim Carruthers (
1 CE Valkeri 172
1 Valkeri 166
1 Teebird 172
1 Leapord 170
1 Stratus
1 Classic Roc
1 Roc

Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 17:06
paully (
1 sanmarino cobra
3 aviar ken climo
3 rocs 1 is old style
2 eagles
1 oldschool stingray

Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 08:17
Prof. Neck_Cutta ()
In the bag for 2002...

1 - Blue Special Ed. Soft Rhyno.. Just found it in a downed tree. Feels very soft and sticky, holds good in the hand. Gotta hit the course with it a few times to get to know it.

1 - Orange Aviar P&A.. Very very nice disc, my preferance for putter right now..

2 - Red Shark / White Shark.. Found em' both. One I fished the other found in a bush. Best Midrange for an all around gamer, it's the do what you want it to disc. Good Straight flyer.

1 - White Polaris LS.. Found it in the tall grass. Very good quality plastic, can take a beating with minimum to no damage at all. Just like it says, it flys Long and Straight
Also have a fly dye LS I found. Flight Characteristics, Same as above.

1 - Bright Pink Cyclone.. SOLID built disc. Far flyin' with a predictable left turn. Very nice. Can get great distance with it.
Also have a fly dye Cyclone I found in a tree. yet, Very much Straighter than the above mentioned disc.

1 - White Teebird. tossin' 375' all day with an easy and predictable flight pattern. One of the favs.

1- White Melbourne Open 2000 Hotstamp disc. I don't know what it is, I found it while fishin' for my own disc and really do like it alot. IF anyone knows what type of disc this is or may be please post it. It looks absolutely identical to a teebird as far as the rim looks. It is definately an ultra long range driver. Just don't know which one.

2 - Orange Viper(new)/ White Viper (Beat like a mofo).. ROLLERs, or a great control with dependable left fade.
Gotta have 2 of these.

2 - GLO Eagle / Orange Eagle. Rippin' 400' plus with these little toys. BTW If anyone doesn't have a glo disc yet, GO GET ONE!!! Night golf is way fun and it cools off nicely @ night.

1- Yellow Raven.. Very first disk I bought. Love it. Maybe it's the centimental value. Strait to the Chains. Long Distances.

1- White older XL. Just found it. Gotta get used to it can't say much Flies Strait, The Plastic has a really soft and sticky grip. I'm gonna like.

1- The last is my all time fav. Very Very much so needed DISC for anyone in my opinion.. Champion Edition Valkyrie.. I can heave this badboy a solid 450' plus! I throw a heavy disc (174-176) so the wind doesn't effect it too much. Champion Edition Plastic can take a massive beating with no signs of damage at all.. Indestructable.!!

Also in the bag is: Water, towel, Baseball, Lighter, Marker, Papers and clips.. Best of luck to all, and take care of the parks around you.. lata

Posted on Monday, July 29, 2002 at 23:41
JB ()
KC Eagle- tie dye 172g primary driver
Stratus- yellow 171g good for right fade shots off the tee
Shark- blue 173g approach disc from 150 to 225 ft
Ching putter- purple ???g I will probably get an Aviar putter soon
Gateway disc (maybe a putter or approach? it doesn't have the name of the disc on the hot stamp)- black 155g I rarely throw this disc

I just started playing disc golf this summer and I'm already addicted. I'm hoping to play in some tournaments soon and get some new discs. Most of the discs I have now I found on the course.

Posted on Sunday, July 28, 2002 at 20:47
Tatu Lehtinen (

2 Stiff Proto Wizard 173 grams
2 Scout 175 grams
3 Sabre 173 grams
3 Blaze 173 Grams

Have fun with Gateway! (:o])

Posted on Friday, July 26, 2002 at 06:24
omega man (
I forgot to mention the Z series XS that I just found. Not only does it look beautiful, but on the few times I've thrown it I have been very pleasantly surprised. It may very well be the back-hand choice between the valkyrie and the tee bird for me. In other words, when there is wind but I would like to throw back-handed.

Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 12:44
omega man (
sorry about the double send (too much wine?)

list of discs:

CE Valkyrie 175g- my first driver and I love it. I am most impressed with it's predictability in a side-throw situation. I have come so close many times to an ace with this one. For distance in a back-hand situation, i rely more upon my lighter-weight tee bird as it is more understable (of course, I am just beginning this sport, so that will very well change for me). Use this heavy weight back-handed into the wind.

Tee Bird 150g-being used to the Valkyrie, I tend to throw this thing way too far to the right. Ironically, I can get better distances, and I have thrown this disc the farthest. When I remember to adjust relative to the heavier Valkyrie, I can surprise myself. Use it only for downwind or no wind. Side throws for me at this weight absolutely do not work at this time.

Hawk 171g- Straight as an arrow to 300 feet. If I have a fairway (which in Tahoe WE DON'T!!!!!) or a tight avenue, this disc is my first and only choice. If I check the tee and see 300 feet or less, this disc is it. Love it, love it, love it.
Use it for shorter mid-range shots and wind. Also for downhill when I don't want to over-shoot.

Stingray ???g- found this one. excellent for my tomahawk throws. trees don't bother me at all with this one. I can curve it over my left shoulder with my right hand and it pancakes perfectly.

panther ???- found this, too. haven't used it enough to know it's characteristics.

SE Rhyno 170g- love the thumbtrack on this one. use it for windy putts and some midrange shots. safe because it will drop if i over-putt.

Magnet 150g- the most like the frisbees I grew up with. newest disc to my lineup, but probably the most familiar to me anyway. I can make it float and that counts when there's no wind.

I had an aviar putter and another rhyno, but left them at a campsite like a dork. they were brand new, too. I hadn't had a chance to use the aviar yet, but it was looking promising to me. I haven't really mastered the discs that i DO have. it's kind of a dichotomy, ironically, when you find a new disc and go "Oh great. Now what do I use for this and that?" Practice, practice, practice. Good thing this sport is so damn fun!

Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 12:39
Jeremy Cionca (
CE Eagle (169g) - money in the bank!
CE Eagle (174g) - money in a headwind
CE Teebird (173g) - great for S-shots
SE Teebird (171g) - for gentle anhyzers
KC Teebird (172) - beat for abuse in the woods
CE Firebird (174g)
XS (170g) - for long turnover shots
X2 (171) - for thumbers
KC Whippet (173) - for hard hyzers
KC Roc (180g) new
Reg Roc (180g) beat
MRX (175g)
Rhino (174g)
Aviar Putt & Approach (175g)

Just picked up a couple CE Valkyries to possible improve my D. Looking forward to giving them a try.

A towel, mini, footbag, bottle opener, and a rubber Sting fingerpuppet (for luck).


Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 20:00
Roger (
2-bomb, 2 -cyclones,3-X-clones,3-teebirds(1KC,1CE,!reg.)2-stingrays,2-whippets,1roc and 2 Omega SS putters. I also carry 2 towels,a metal mini,and a birdie bag

Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 13:04
Ryan R. (Chukka) (
KC TeeBird 174g fly dyed; Main D disc
Pro Leopard 170g fly dyed; Long S-curve disc
DX Banshee 172g yellow; Hard hyzers, good in the wind, utility
Elite XS 168g fly dyed, beat; Long slow right turner with little fade at the end
Exp1 156g white; Low/no wind D disc
DX Raven 161g; Low wind, straight disc
DX Valkyrie 172g yellow, beat; S-curves in the woods!
KC Pro Roc 178g white; Mid-range predictability
DX Rhyno 172g red; Short tosses and putts, good short anhyzers

KC Pro Eagle 172g white; Can't wait to see what this will do!
SE Valk 160g white; Hoping this will be my new no wind D disc

Towel, 1 liter water bottle, can o' skoal mint, visor

Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 03:25
Ted ()
174 g CE Valkyrie = best driver ever
170 g Blowfly = nice putter, sticks to chains well
177 g Elite Z Reaper = nice disc, almost as nice as valkyrie
171 g Elite Z Xtra = good driver for curvy holes
169 g Gator = awesome midrage!

and i have some other discs i dont use
a hawk, an aviar, an old MVP deuce, and some other ones i forget...

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 18:42
bucky (
Whats up my fellow frisbee golfers!!!!!!!!

This is whats in my bag!

1- one pack of smokes
2- two bottles of water
3- a towel
4- plenty of beer
5- a Hawk driver(165g)better used for parable hole
6- LS Polaris driver(171g)hooks alittle to the left but nice distance
7- INNOVA KC pro Eagle driver(174g)great right hooks and very long distance throw
8- INNOVA Banshee(164g) great long distance disk, unbelivable what I can do this disk!
9- JLS 1.2 driver(165g) it has great distance to it if thrown right
10- Birdie Putter(165g) not a very good putter but it gets the job done

have a great time frisbee golfing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on Tuesday, July 09, 2002 at 16:55
Greg Farley (
(from most over-stable to most understable)
WHIPPET, 172g: I don't throw it for much D', but I know it's coming
back left.
FIREBIRD (CE), 175g: A must in windy conditions. Very predictable driver that always finishes left. Also good for 2-fingers to come back right.
EAGLE (CE), 172g: For thumbers
TEEBIRD (CE), 175g: My primary distance driver.
LEOPARD (CE), 174g: My turnover driver.
ROC, 179g: For medium length straight holes, and for medium or long anheizers. Holds the line great with little or no left finish.
MRV 175g: My primary approach disc. Holds a great line.
STINGRAY 174g: For rollers.
Z-PUTTER 174g: Just switched--was putting with an aviar for years. Love the Z-putter.

Posted on Saturday, July 06, 2002 at 04:22
Nick ()
Those XS's are Elite plastic and fly great!

Posted on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 13:26
Nick (
This is ThumbRollerBoy but now I through mainly Backhand and Forehand. I still throw the Thumber S, Roller, and Tomahawk.
To my new additions:
I got a new bag called the Lightning Prostyle it works out great with plenty of room and it only costs $29.99 at Discovering the I have two sharpies and 2 penils.
I also have four bag tags on my bag including A-3 Disc Golf, Club Kensington, Discraft, and Innova.
In my bag I carry 18 Discs:
2 Orange No Foolin Ghost Stamped 171 Z-Magnets
1 Bright Yellow Club Kensington Stamped 172 Z-Putt'r
1 White PDGA Stamped 148 Valk
1 Yellow Multicolored Stamp 178 Stingray
1 Flydye 165 CE Valk
2 White Glo 166 XS's
1 Green 150 Eagle
1 White 148 Gazele
1 Yellow Cass Benton Train Stamped 146 Roc
1 Orange 146 Shark
1 Red 150 Roc
1 Fly Dye 171 Z-Xtra
1 White 150 DX-Roc
1 White 171 Stinger
1 White 175 Eagle
1 Red Luna Stamped 171 Whippet
That is my bag besides always a 20 Ounce Sobe and a Jacket during the spring, fall and Winter with plenty of rooms to fit Whatever else I need in the other open Pocket.

Posted on Thursday, July 04, 2002 at 13:23
Karl Nehring (
A few new additions to my bag:

Discraft Z-Putt'r, 174 gm, blue -- tends to land flat and not roll. Slighly understable. Beautiful to look at and fun to throw. A nice complement to the

Gateway Wizard, 169 gm, red -- I have the soft version. This is the best putter overall I have ever tried, and I have tried a bunch of them. Predictably overstable, very nice feeling to the hand, and sticks great.

Discraft Storm, 169 gm, violet -- flies straight and fast, an excellent control driver that is sold as a midrange.

I have learned (at least for the moment) to stop worring about drivers and concentrate more on midranges and putters. For dirvers, I carry Elite X and Elite Z XSs ~170 gm), a CE Valk (160 gm), and a DX Valk (149 gm). On windy days I drag along my 175-gm Z-Reaper.

Trusty midranges are a 174-gm Z-MRV and a 172-gm Aurora MS.

I also carry a 175-gm Aero that I use for longer putts/shorter approaches. Love that glide!

Posted on Wednesday, July 03, 2002 at 07:52
Kelsey Purvis (
Driver- Innova Raven 165g- Flys very very far, and straight

2nd Driver- Freestyle #2 Flyer Tie Dye 175g, new too my bag, haven't got the chance to try it out yet.

Midrange- Innova Spider 175g great disc, good for approach, can even put well with it

2nd midrange- Innova Hawk (Looking into an XD)

Putter- Innova XD putt&Approach (???g) excellent putter, soft, and durable

2nd Putter- Innova Birdie ---(no good) trashy disc, one of my firsts.

Posted on Saturday, June 29, 2002 at 20:46
Vini (
Gazelle - 168 - I use this one for most of my tee shots. Good distance from it and it will fly staight with enought oomph on it.

Stingray - 175 - just lost this sucker, dammit. Flies straighter than the Gazelle for the most part and usually farther, but I have not been able to find a replacement.

Archangel - 170 - new to my bag, usually use for sidearm throws as it will curve either way depending on the speed you throw it.
Really good driver.

HD Hawk - 173 - usually use this for medium drives, although it too, is new and I don't particularly like the skips on it, but it looks to be mellowing out on that the more I use it.

Viper - 177 - I use this one almost exclusively for tomahawk throws. It rarely rolls back downhill and can skipslide on its face for quite a ways.

Aviar - 174 - Putter and used for putts up to 30-35 feet.

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 21:11
Ryan (
All Drives: Valkerie 172, in a nice orange. It flies good, and it sidearms nicely too.

All Mid-Range: Valkerie 172, in a nice orange. Hooks to the whole like a charm, has some sticking problems, so i just play the role, hehe.

All Putts: Valkerie 172, in a nice orange. It goes straight as long as i throw it straight, and seems to find the chains.

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 00:57
Corey Mitchell (
Valk-174,JLS-171,KCPRO tee bird(Favorite disc)KCPRO Eagle-171(nice long heizer shots)CE Firebird-174,

KCPRO ROC-174,Champion Roc175,Inova Viper-170,QMS-175(great brother to the JLS with less spin)Aviar putt and approach(Old beat up one for floppyness)

Aviar X-175 (best putter known to the hand)KCPRO Short range driver-174(Very hard)Aviar Putt and approach-174

Disc craft ZXs-177

Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 18:49
obi was discobi ()
i'm sick of teebirds getting all the props.....anyone else say eagles and valkyries kill these understable whimps????

Posted on Monday, June 24, 2002 at 10:02
Daniel Lawrence (
Mike - try an Innova CE Firebird (FX stamp if you can find it).
They're great for into the wind backhand, or for saide arm distance.
Very fast, low cieling disc with lots of glide; just keep the throw flat - if you show much face, the disc slows and dies quickly

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2002 at 08:11
Juki from Finland ()
Drivers: 3*EXP1 (3*175g)
4*JLS (3*175g)

Approach: 4*MS Aurora (2*176g,180,174)
3*MF Sentinel (2*173g,176g)
3*Omega AP (3*175)

Putt: 2*Omega SS 1.18 (2*174g)

Other stuff: 2*minis,3*towels in plastic bag,drinking bottle,
pair of gloves and umbrella

Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 08:48
mike (
I was woundering if you could recommend a good side arm disk. i have only heard of the warrior, could you sent me a piture of this disk.

Posted on Friday, June 14, 2002 at 14:26
Jay Clarke (
Just went on a tear of losing a few after not losing any for months, so bag is in flux with new additions.

Tee-Bird - Mostly straight, mostly far. Good for the tight wooded courses I usually have to play, but easy to overthrow the basket. Have a brand new one and a beat up one that seems to fly straighter but less far.
Roc/KC edition - New addition, but often goes where I want it to. Will use off the tee for holes 200 ft. or less sometimes
Shark - One of my first discs, still use for most everything 60 ft. and in. Also use off tee for the shortest holes. Keep reverting back to use as my putter after frustration with putting game.
Leopard - Was my favorite driver, but lost it recently. Bought new lighter weight one that seems too overstable, so I've reverted to the Tee-Bird and Puma more often.
Puma - another new addition that I've really liked so far. Good for all but the longest holes and those annoying second shots after your first shot just hit the first tree available.
Bomb Ching - found in water hazard while looking for a Shark that never was recovered. Use on the couple of water hazard shots I face when playing away from home courses, and it has yet to not clear the water, so I'm quickly becoming attached.

Also carry a Gazelle that's beat up, an Aviar putter, an extra Shark, and an Aero putter, but I keep trying the putters because I know I should and then getting frustrated and going back to the Shark. Just lost an Eagle that I need to replace - like the way they fly once they're beat up.

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2002 at 15:02
Barb (
I only carry two discs. A discraft Phantom for driving and a discraft Phantom for putting and marking my lie!
I'm always looking to buy old Phantom's that folks have lying around, so if you're interested contact me.

Posted on Sunday, June 09, 2002 at 11:14
Norris B. Longman (
what the fuck i read all the other adds aren't we talking about golf? If everyone else is too then you guys all have the worst clubs and vocabulary I've ever seen

Posted on Saturday, June 08, 2002 at 13:26
Norris B. Longman (
i carry a steelhead III driver 9 degree loft, a jazz 16 degree fairway metal, my irons are old school but I love them they are titleist 962's and i only carry one wedge which is a 56 degree volkey design with the 8 bounce and for a putter i have a scotty cameron newport which i am just getting the hang of an thanks to it i shot a 2 over (my best round ever)

Posted on Saturday, June 08, 2002 at 13:22
Jody White (
174 Eagle: used mainly for hyzer shots
175 Lightning #2 Driver: used for long straight shots
175 Roc: used for short hyzers and some mid-range drives
(2) 174 Classic Roc: used on just about every drive under 300ft. Got 2 brand new ones for when these start turning over hard. Best disc in my bag.
169 Classic Roc: my main approach disc
175 Omega AP: short approaches and turn-over shots, its pretty beat up.
174 Ching Stinger: used for longer turn-over shots
171 Rhyno: approach disc
170 Omega SuperSoft putter: The best in the business

My home course is pretty short compared to alot of courses so thats why I don't have many long range discs. Off topic but after 5 years of on and off play, I finally hit my first ace 6/3/2002. :)

Posted on Wednesday, June 05, 2002 at 17:37
vince coleman (
i carry a large bag.
drivers-169 ce valk, 171 ce valk, 174 ce valk, 175 jk valk, 172 z-xs, 174 ce eagle, 172 ce eagle, 175 kc eagle, 172 ce firebird, 175 ce firebird, and 174 ce jls.
midrange- 175 kc roc, 179 kc roc, 169 spider
putters- 175 se rhyno, 172 se rhyno, 174 se rhyno, 174 aviar.
I love innova plastics, they are the BEST!

Posted on Saturday, June 01, 2002 at 19:35
Jason (
Drivers: XL (165/yellow), Jaguar (155/teal)
Approach: Aurora MS (171/yellow), Shark (179/red)
Putter: Aviar (171/yellow)

My favorite is my Aurora MS--predictable, smooth flights, indestructible. I have been pretty happy with the Aviar but I really want to try an 86 Softie as I hear they are fantastic. I have a Roc and Gazelle on the way so maybe I'll come back and let you know about those discs.

Posted on Friday, May 31, 2002 at 12:59
daniel ()
Whoops, I meant to say on my list below...

Whippet Pro 168 -- Used for shots I want to really *hyzer*.


Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 19:56
daniel (
Firebird CE 168 -- Just purchased. Will be using it for drives I don't want turning over too much as my Valkyrie can (e.g., extreme downhill drives... hole 27 DLV).

Valkyrie CE 167 -- Used as my primary driver backhand/sidearm/tomahawk. We'll see if I replace it with my new Firebird later this year.

Valkyrie Pro (beat) 169 -- Using it for long hyzers. Working on adding a roller to my game, so I may use this for long rollers too.

Whippet Pro 168 -- Used for shots I want to really anhyzer.

Roc CE/DX 168 -- Used for midrange (straight or slight hyzer/anhyzer) shots. If I need to really hyzer/anhyzer a midrange shot I'll use one of my drivers more often (drivers skip a lot better too which helps get around low tree branches).

Stingray DX (beat) 170 -- Roller disc. As noted, still working on my roller throw.

Aviar DX/JK 169 -- Now my main putter.

I started playing a few years ago with a Stratus for driving and a Shark for everything else. Gradually moved to a XL then a Teebird. Now my drive is finally getting to the point where I can throw more high-performance disks (e.g., Valkyrie/Firebird).

Man, anyone starting these days has it made with the new plastics and discs. Gotta love that CE plastic.


Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 19:35
Mikko (Finland) ()
2* JLS 175 -for xtreme long and straight shots / long turnovers.
2* KC Eagle 175 -whatta great disc! Even better when dyed.
2* KC Whippet 175 -for stormy conditions & heavy headwind.
2* Aurora MS 180 -sraight and even straighter... turnovers too.
2* Aviar P&A 175 -THE approacher for me. Flies exactly where I want it to.
2* JK Aviar 175 -putting... sometimes all over again ;)

And big greets to you players, all over the world, who've chosen the best sports of 'em all!
In Finland we're going strong, hope to see you someday in our summer tournaments...
Here's a link to one of the biggest weekends on our summer calendar: (6.-7.7.2002)

Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 04:57
Daniel Lawrence (
Just added:
Z-Predator 171 (new)
You know how the reaper flies with no wind?
This one does the exact same thing with a headwind.
A touch faster, i think.
Sharp in the hand, too ... gotta wonder how this one passed the edge test.

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2002 at 10:17
imahealthystudent ()
169g KC banshee broken in to perfection
164 KC banshee young
170 X-clone mature/ downhill & X-power drives
168 Gazelle boken in, a "safe" disc
170 Whippet young, use for drastic hyzer shots
177 Roc worn in
177 Super Roc a tough disc ultra durable
168 Classic Roc my #1 loner, can be used a drive,mid,& putt
174 Classic Cobra not the longest, but the straightest
172 Classic Cobra in case I lose above, + 1 at home
177 Stingray finness
146 Stingray more finess, and no wind
173 APX soft swirl all putting
175 Hammer OLD SCHOOL the only disc ever produced guaranteed
indestructible and floats on water. A very special disc, I
only use it mid range into putting, when trying to stab
chains. I can't risk loosing it, its too rare. I have
a later Classic Hammer also, but it is hardly like
the original. Has anyone out there ever got your hands
one of these beuties ? Nothing like the new generation
ultra durables, a totally different feel.

Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2002 at 02:25
Doolie (
Cyclone X2
and a half dozen others I never use but carry around for some reason.

And a softball. Best darn tool to get your friend's disc out of a tree. Lord knows "I" never landed one in a tree:)

Posted on Thursday, May 09, 2002 at 17:52
bingemonkey (
Get this I just had my best round using NOT discs.This is a course with pin placements within 300 ft.,not long but extrem tree hazard.

For you that don't no what a NOT disc is, Rejected by other players ,put in a box for anyone to use!!!!!

I have a wack of discs, but it just shows the dude with the mojo is wicked.

here is the line-up

x-clone 175
mrx 175
stinger 165
Magnet 175 SWWWEEETT

Posted on Wednesday, May 08, 2002 at 23:04
Matt Diggity (
Ok I find this to be a lethal combo, and I also think the only plastic worth playing is Innova...(if you want to win tournaments and break par haha)
1.Eagle-172-Yellow... Well broken in, flies fast and makes a bee-line straight for the pin. Definitely the best driver ever. Plus, its my best roller, and as far as baseball throws go, I've chucked it over trees and directly in the basket from 125'+

2.Archangel-175-White....Brand new, smoothest flight pattern I've seen in a disc. For big arms, its the best for your $$

3.Stingray-172-Blue...Old, beat up...rolls and good for right dog legs its great.

4.Spider-175-Fluorescent Orange...this replaced my gator, and I am amazed how stable and straight this flies. Just got it, and its already earned its spot in my bag.

5.Aviar Putter-175(?)-Blue...enough said, if it worked for Kem Climo, it sure can work for you. I've drilled crazy putts I never imagined with this bad boy...the only other putter I would consider is the old Softie from the 80's.

6.Valkyrie-175-bright orange...right now, its going really far right for me and not coming back, I dont know its taking a break...but when I'm on, its a great addition to the bag.

7. Gator-175-Orange-Replaced the Shark I had, because I needed something more stable....I actually found this, and loved it ever since. If you don't have one, don't get one....the Spider blows all Midrange away anyway.

8. (I Know I said Innova is the only disc worth it, but I have one thats not!!) Discraft Elite XS....well it held the world distance record until this year, so enough is said about that....when I have a big arm, this distance can only be matched by my new Archangel.

Any questions or comments or suggestions about my bag, feel free to email me....unless you are a solicitor :)

Posted on Saturday, May 04, 2002 at 20:20
CE Firebird 175g F mold-an unfriendly beast that I am still learning
Elite XS 172g-longest disc in my bag-just awesome 450+ft.
Archangel 168g-still dealing with it, nice and long though
Elite X2 174g-control, medium left shots

Dragon 150g-over water, sometimes left to right
HD Hawk 168?-straight or anhyzer mid range
Elite MRX 174g-main mid range,hyzer or straight
Stingray 170g-beaten badly, rollers

Magnet 175g-nice and heavy, my first disc and only putter, I am very faithful to my putter. I can't reccomend this disc enough, especially if you anhyzer putt.

Discraft rules.

Posted on Saturday, May 04, 2002 at 01:00
Tom Spencer (
CE VALKYRIE 167 GRAMS-YELLOW. Its flight is fast and has great glide to. CE plastic is so durable. I've thrown the disc so many times and it still looks new. I also use it for side-arm throws. It is better for a side-arm than any of my other 13 drivers. On a back hand it hyzers just how I need it to.

Elite MRX 170 GRAMS-Dull Yellow. This disc is awesome from 100 to 250 feet for me. I throw it because I like it's overstablity. I also have a couple of MRV's but I prefer the MRX. It can glide 2 feet above the ground to get under trees and get where it needs to go. If I had to play with one disc this would be it. (that's probally because I lost my KC Roc in a sludgy pond)
'Z' Putter 172 GRAMS-Flourecent Yellow. This disc feels so good in your hand. It doesn't stick to the chains because of the type of plastic it is made from, but that doesn't matter because the way this disc flies you will hit the middle of your basket and drop right in.

Posted on Thursday, May 02, 2002 at 00:15
Blake T. (
168g DX Valkyrie (beat) - Turnover drives over 280' and rollers
171g DX Valkyrie (new) - Max distance drives and open drives over 350'
170g CE Valkyrie - Straight drives over 320'
171g KC Gazelle - Straight drives from 300-330', s-curves from 310-350', hyzer drives from 280-310'
168g DX Gazelle (new to slightly worn) - Slight right fade drives over 280', gentle hyzers from 280-310'
171g KC Eagle - Hyzer drives from 310-330', s-curves over 350'
171g CE Eagle - Straight headwind drives, straight to left shots 290-320', strong hyzers 260-300', low ceiling straight drives
170g Elite Xtra - Strong headwind drives, wide sweep hyzers 260-310', knife hyzers 240-280'
170g Elite Z Xtra - Strong headwind hyzers, wide sweep hyzers 230-260', knife hyzers 210-240'

179g CE Roc - Hyzers 240-270', s-curves 270-310', low straight line drives 250-280'
180g CE Roc (Flat Top X-Out) - Wide sweep hyzers 200-250', medium distancd headwind drives
179g KC Roc - Straight drives 250-280', gradual turn 240-280', gentle hyzers 240-280'
179g DX Roc (beat) - Turnover drives 250-280', slight turn 260-290'
171g DX Roc (new) - Straight Drives 270-300', sweeping hyzers 240-280'
173g KC Aviar (new) - Straight drives 250-270', hyzer 175-225'
173g KC Aviar (beat) - Turnovers 175-250', low line drives 150-200'
175g DX Big Bead Aviar (new) - Gentle hyzers 110-200', s-curves 250', all putts under 60'
166g DX Big Bead Aviar (beat) - Wide anhyzers 150-220', touch shot approaches, low line drives 110-150', putts and jump putts outside 60'
171g CE Aviar - Gradual hyzers 110-180', wide sweeping hyzers 80-150'

blake t.

Posted on Monday, April 29, 2002 at 04:06
Winter (
175 KC Eagle
169 stingray
175 Roc
170 demon
175 spider
175 apx
I don't need a wack of disc to get around the course.That does not mean I have not tried and have a hundred or more discs.This is what works for me right now.The new super discs are great but I only use them on big wide open courses.I've been playing for 5 years,newbies find a overstable,understable drivers and the same for midrange and stick with them.Putters, it all depends on what feeeels gggoooooddd in your hand.

Posted on Saturday, April 27, 2002 at 21:56
ben (
To Daniel:

Z-Xpress will do that, but doesn't go as far as the other Z discs.

Posted on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 08:58
Daniel Lawrence (
Okay, a question for y'all:
I currently use a Z-XS for long hyzers.... I like the way it's lift and attempts to flatten out keeps it gently turning - very predictable, very long.
I currently use a VERY worn Z-Reaper for my anhyzers.... but it tends to grip with the tiniest bit of angle and roll back a good 20' to 30'left ... making an anhyzer far less useful.

Do y'all know of a good disc that flies like the disccraft z-series that will turn over, go right, and then settle out flat, as opposed to staying turned, gripping in, and rolling back?

I've seen alot of people use the XL for their anhyzers .. would this one do the trick?

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2002 at 10:06
Kevin H (Cedar Rapids, IA) (
172 XL or Cheetah for straight or anhyzer throws
172 X2 for long hook shots
172 Soft Rhyno for approaches and putts

I have used lots of other discs like Ravens, Eagles, Aviars, Milleniums, TeeBirds, Extremes, JLS, Leopards, Whippets, Typhoon, etc. But can usually get along with just three discs and still shoot around pro par on most courses as long as I can turn one over or fly it straight, hook the other one, and then have a straight flying putter with a good grip that is soft enough when it hits the chains and also doesn't roll to far when it misses the chains. I do hyzer alot of approach shots.

Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 15:10
Jacob Biddlecome (
Right now i live by a fairly easy course so i mostly use short stable disc. in my bag i have a raven, #1 flyer, shark, eagle, birdy, parana, and expirimental disc.

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 12:57
Oznof (
Innova Dragon
Innova Roc
Innova Spider
Innova Tee-bird
Discraft APX

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 20:04
chris (
the following discs are for SALE/TRADE. all are from broken in to pretty worn. i am tired of them and don't use them. i will make great deals. i will trade for gators, demons, valkyries, eagles, panthers, putters, and anything by GATEWAY

SE Teebird TL 168-white with permanent marker
DX Teebird T 166-green
KC Cheetah 173-white
DX 150 Class Cheetah-yellow with marker
Dragon 150-Orange
Cyclone 171-white
Elite Pro X2 174-white
Stratus 174-blue
Gazelle 174-orange
Cobra 174-yellow
Stingray 173-white
Stingray 174-purple black swirl
Glo Leopard 172
Glo Leopard 174
Viper 171-blue
Viper 175-orange
Raven 171-red
Polaris LS 1.8 165-red
JLS 1.3 174-blue
JLS 1.4 164-red
MF Sentinel 172-tie dye light green with baby blue
Shark 173-white

Posted on Monday, April 08, 2002 at 16:24
Karl Nehring (
Latest update:

New putter -- the Gateway Wizard in soft plastic is now my #1 putt/approach disc. Has a nice feel and a repeatable flight path. I've tried a bunch of putters and this is my favorite overall.

New driver -- Gateway Blaze (166 gm) for upwind shots.

Old standbys -- Innova Archangel (158 gm) for distance where accuracy is not a big issue, Innova CE Valkyrie (160 gm) for narrower fairways, Discraft Z-XS (170 gm) for longer shots into a light wind. Also have a 175-gm Z-Reaper for extreme headwinds. The Z-MRV (174 gm) is my fallback for long/hyzer approach shots, and the Millennium Aurora MS (174 gm) for medium/anhyzer approaches.

Am fooling around with a couple of other Gateway discs but have not yet made up my mind on them.

Posted on Monday, April 08, 2002 at 13:41
JohnRoc-er ()
the mighty roc is falling...
beware the Gateway Demon...and Gators...and Spiders

Posted on Saturday, April 06, 2002 at 08:37
Obi Wan Discobi ()
one must know their matter the disc. inevitably you must use the force....but not too much or you will turnover your disc to the dark side!!!

Posted on Saturday, April 06, 2002 at 08:36
J.M. (
Well met!

*Denotes discs that are thrown with regularity

*SE Leopard/169g/Dyed/Worn - This is my workhorse, I can throw it straight as nuts.
*CE Firebird/171g/White/New - A new addition... getting a lot of use. Starting to replace my Cyclone for long hyzers.
SE Valkyrie/171g/White/Slightly Worn - Basically replaced by the SE Leopard.
*JLS/149g/White/Worn - My tree disc, completely indestructible. Also great with a tailwind.
Cyclone/169g/Glow/Slightly Worn - I love this disc, but rarely throw it after I got the CE Firebird.
Z-XS/174g/Clear-JBird/Slightly Worn - I love the way this thing flies, but it is impossible to find, even in an open field. Of course, it helps to mention that I am color blind :-)
#1 Flyer/172g/Lime Green/Beat - My original disc. I still throw it when I can't think of anything else.
D-1 Prostyle/172g/White/Worn - I never liked this disc. I preferred my old #1 Driver.
Panther/148g/Tan/Beat - Roller and extreme anhyzer shots.

*Aurora MS/180g/Red/Slightly Worn - This disc goes extremely straight. I use it for long approaches.
*DX Rhyno/175g/Blue/Worn - My favorite putt/approach disc. This thing does it all.
#3 Hyzer/174g/Yellow/Worn - Short hyzer disc, also used as my sidearm hyzer disc.
Sniper/170g/White/Beat - Has dog bite in it. When I can't think of what to throw I'll bring this beast out.
Wham-O 150 class/150g/Blue/New - More as a novelty, came in a box. It's pretty understable and hovers more than flies.

*Rubber Putter/174g/Marble Brown/Worn - Old reliable. Been using this thing since I started.
Blow Fly/174g/Dark Grey/Slightly Worn - Been experimenting with this as of late. Sticks to the chains like no other.

I've been trying to cut down on the amount of discs I throw, so I have only been carrying the ones marked with an asterisk lately.

Posted on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 11:34
Jon T (
Hello again from the UK! 2 months into the season and the bag's changed some. Here's a quick update for you:-

The eagle (171g) was almost broken in.... Fine disc, very reliable and a great partner for use with the Teebird. Sadly now resides at the bottom of the River Avon (lost during the Quarry Park Spring fling). Sorry Bud!
Omega Supersoft - also in the Avon. Developed an unfortunate roll which sank it. Real shame - the new Supersofts seem to be much much softer and I prefered the old style ones.....

Z-XL - purple, 169g to act as main driver with the Elite ones. The Z plastic seems softer and more tacky than usual Z discs but no less durable. This beast is very fast, deadly accurate and a superb driver.
Elite X2 - white, 166g, backup for the original one.
KC Teebird - white, 172g for drives with more room and where the Teebird's glide can really come into its own. Finally, I have a Teebird which I can use any day and it won't play up.
Elite (First Run) Xtra - pink, 167g. Manic disc for very windy days, hyzers and general madness. When all else fails, this disc will behave as it always does. Replaces my X2s for steep left turns too (though gentle ones still get an X2).
Soft Magnet - yellow, 172g, backup for original one.
Magnet - duck egg blue, 172g experiment. Flies like the soft ones with a little more control at long range. May replace the Avair in time (so all putters will be almost identical). Mainly trial purposes at the moment.
BDGA mini - new marker! Much harder to lose and it's the BDGA stamp!

Z-Express - high 160's to low 170's. Tried the Elites ones but kept turning them over too much. Tried a Z one and found them much better so thought I'd treat myself to one!
86 Softee - trial putter. The description of their flight sounds great....
86 Softee Supersoft Butter Putter - with a name like that, who can say no? Experimental only probably but you never know....!

That's it for now (and hopefully a long time to come!)....

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2002 at 05:42
Jukka Vieri (
I really just had to add some new Lightning discs in my bag. I should buy more of them and some others too. I try to keep at least two of each disc with me at tournaments. Itīs not easy to decide bethween so much good discs available nowadays. If the parkinglot or clubhouse is too far from course, I will need to drag a little heavier bag next summer. Maybe itīs time to get a disc-"bagger" ;) or a bag-on-wheels ?

1 * Omega SS 1.16 175 g (5)
1 * U-2 175 g - new -(I need to get at least an other one as soft as this. These sneak nicely in...)

1 * XD 175 g (3)
1 * Rubber Putter 175 g (2)

Approach&short holes
1 * MRV 175 g
1 * Z-MRV 175 g
1 * Apache 170 g (2)
1 * Z-1 (2)
2 * F2 171&175g -new-

1 * X-Reaper 175 g
1 * Z-reaper 175 g
1 * XS 165 g (2)
1 * CE Firebird 175 g

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 06:44
Birdybomber (
CE Firebirds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SE Rhynos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm debating on what to throw for an unstable driver, but I'm pretty sure I'll settle on a couple of SE Valkyries or Elite X2s. I would throw the CE or Z plastic for that, but those plastics are too hard to break in. We all know a NEW disc is a stable disc. So that wouldn't be a wise choice when I'm driving my CE Firebird/174/broke-in/J-Bird dye 350-400 ft.

I love the speed of the Valkyrie, but I equally love the glide of the X2. The Valkyries have too much of an "S" curve for me, so I'll probably end up with some X2's. The X2's are have more of a DEAD-ON feeling for me personally. Besides, if I wanted an "S" curve, I'd just turn my FireBirds over alittle bit. However, the only Valkyries I've thrown are the CE Plastic. I'm pretty good friends with a retailer here in NE IN, so I'm sure I'll get to try those SE Valkyries out before I decide but...........those X2's.........

Now about those Rhynos. They were hard to get used to, but that plastic sicks in the chains like no other putter. I am convinvced that a SE Rhyno will stick in the chains before any other plastic. Before an APX Swirl, an Aviar Putter, an Omega SS, but what do I know? I only hit about 50% of my 50 footers. But with that percentage, I need all the help I can get. Besides, with a Rhyno I don't even need to carry a Roc. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? No Roc!?!?!?!?!?! That's right. I almost got linched for saying that before (being so close to Michigan and all), but I never liked those things anyway. Maybe that's why I'm an AM 1 and not a pro. Oh well my bag is as follows(currently):

CE Firebird/175/NEW/J-Bird dye/long hyzers:)
CE Fire bird/174/BROKE-IN/J-Bird dye/long gentle hyzers:)
DX Firebird/166/WORN/stamped/long "S" shot (hence X2 or Valkyrie)
Elite X2/172/WORN/J-Bird dye/long STRAIGHT shot:)
DX TeeBird/170/WORN/stamped/long gentle turn-over
SE Leopard/170/J-Bird dye/long extreme turn-over/Roller
DX Viper/177/NEW/stamped/Extreme hyzer(The Vipers got more glide, so they'll sail in the hyzer direction alittle more than the FireBirds. Not as fast or as far though).
DX Cobra/179/WORN/stamped/Straight(Got more glide than my Rhynos, so they'll give me an extra 50 foot or so, but REAL unpredictable with the wind).
DX Rhyno/168/NEW/stamped/hyzer putts or short hyzer drives:)
SE Rhyno/170/WORN/stamped/Never leave home without it:)
APX/174/EXTREMELY WORN/Turn-over putts.

Well that's my 2 cents. If you're ever in Fort Wayne, give me an e-mail, and If you're ever in Ft. Wayne littering I my park....I'll be the 5'9" 220lbs guy with a Go-T walking straight for you to kick your fucking ass!!!!!!

Litter-Bugs SUCK so pick-up your beer bottles.........but pass me one while your at it.

Posted on Friday, March 08, 2002 at 00:32
Tatu Lehtinen ()
Hail Lightning!

U-2, 177grams. Soft and stable. It has a great feel on release. I carry 2 of these.

#3 Slice, 175 grams. Not a power disc. This one needs smooth release. I can do a lot of things with this one and it needs only 75% of my power. Makes nice roller too.

HX-2, 175 grams. Fast, very long and still very easy to throw. Good allround disc.
Z-1, 168 grams. This one will hook! Then I need angel I use this one.

Posted on Monday, March 04, 2002 at 01:42
Karl Nehring (

Innova Valkyrie: I carry three of these: a 158 SE, a 162 CE, and a 171 SE. The CE is the workhorse of the trio, more overstable than the SEs. 158 for straighter shots in the woods, 171 for light headwinds.

Innova Archangel: 154 -- I use this when there is a tailwind and a lot of room for the thing to curve around. Goes right, then left. My longest disc, but not the most accurate.

Innova Leopard -- 174. Use for gentle right turns or to throw straight in the woods.

Millennium JLS -- 149. For tailwinds when I need to to throw straight.

Discraft Z-Reaper: 175 -- When I have to go left or into a headwind. Newest disc in my bag, still experimenting with it. May replace the 171 Valk -- we shall see.

Also carry -- and throw -- a 160 Z-Xpress, but I'm not quite sure why. I love the way it looks and feels, but I can't throw it as far as the Valks or the Archangel. But it is such a pretty blue color, I can't leave it at home.


Discraft Z-MRV: Short drives and long upshots.

Millennium Aurora MS: Anhyzer drives and shorter upshots.


DGA Glow Fly: Most putts. Great feel to the hand.

Millenium Omega SS: Downhill putts.

Innova Aero: Sometimes use for longer putts.

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 14:06
Anonymous ()
I'm surprised not to see anyone with glo-bees. I can't get enough folf, and hate having to quit just because I can't see my discs in the dark. I use a variety of the different company's makes and models, but I for damn-sure have drivers, mid-ranges, and putters that all glow in the dark so that I can play anytime I feel the need. If there is anyone who loves disc golf, reads this comment, and doesn't have any glo-discs, I strongly recommend them.

Posted on Monday, February 11, 2002 at 22:25
Diamond Dave (
Cyclone, XL, Valkyrie - for long range drives. I prefer the Cyclone or XL, but I loose them often; which is when I reach for the Valkyrie.

Cobra, Leopard - they shoot slightly understable for me.

Comet and APX for mid range shots
- for mid range shots I need to turn right, I'll toss a Cobra. For me, it works.

Birdy or APX for puts.

Plus, I always carry a few extra in the trunk for my buds who have no discs.

Posted on Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 16:59
Daniel Lawrence (
I've used the hell out of all my discs (I've posted here a few times).

I've finally settled on my favorites:

Z-Reaper, First run, Very worn: Long, right curves, or S-Curves (left then right), clear approaches

Z-Reaper Color Max, new(ish): Long Stright, Left Curves, or reverse S Curves (right then left); I love a new reaper; it'll glide really really long with not alot of initial lift; I can get a good 300 feet without the disc coming more than a dozen feet off the ground, which is great for overhanging crap. takes a while to get used to, though, if you throw it up at all, it roswell's real hard to the left ... I've had a disc plant so hard it stayed upright in the mud - normally, though, in true roswell style, it'll just make dirt explode when it dies

JK Aviar X: puts and hard hooks from mid

I throw those for about 90% (or more) of my throws.
I approach with a hammer-throw using the worn reaper most of the time... kinda flips over and hovers, then slides a ways... real dependable. (I've also noticed that ESPECIALLY on sandy courses, the ground tends to bend the disc in closer to the post inside of ten feet when you're sliding gently by, and that most heavily wooded courses will have more exposed roots just past the post to stop the slide)

Other than that, I keep a set of three other discs for JIC:

Shark 150 class, very worn: does anything I want it to between 50 and 200 feet; I use it when I can't think of what else to do ... which is fairly often.

Stingray 172, new(ish): Stright, mediums. It goes stright, only; if i've got a narrow tunnel, i'll use it. I don't know how other people get this disc to turn; I can throw it hyzer/anhyzer, and it just goes a different direction... straight that direction, the only way i can get this disc to turn is by rolling it.

Dragon 150, new: floats. can turn left and right a bit, turns over to roll, too; mostly it just floats, which is why i carry it... reapers are expensive.

Last things I carry, are a towel (of course) and a neon orange lacross ball for retrieving discs ... mostly for retrieving the shark, actually the reapers and the aviar-x seem to shed trees pretty well, but then again, when I'm screwed with loads of trees and something funky i turn to the shark.

I also just got a blacklight flashlight and and aviar and shark glo discs, but i don't carry them, normally ... I'm hoping that discraft follows with the reaper in glo... i want it...

Posted on Wednesday, February 06, 2002 at 08:35
Disc man ()
in the bag now are as follows:
Long Discs:
1st Run Z-Reaper- very long straight and left shots
Z-Reaper- same as 1st run
Z-XS- long straight to right shots (worn in)
Elite XS- long straight shots
Z-XL-Tye Dye- long straight to left shots
Z-X2- long and straight
CE-Valkrie- long right shots
CE-Leopard- long straight to right shots
Viper- i use it overhand
Whippet- overhand and left hooks
Archangel- should be un the long range section but i forgot about it
Stingray- long right shots
Z-MRV- mid/long straight shots
Raven- fairly long straight shots
Mid range:
Plastic Roc(2)- "Ol' Faithfull"
KC-Roc- mid left hookers and straight
Super Roc- straight shots
Classic Roc(2)- mid/short straight or right hookers, and putting a little
SE-Spider(2)- mid/longs, and make it do anything
Spider- more stable than SE but will do anything
Shark- straight- good roller
Panther- straight little understable, rolls good
SE Soft Rhyno- straight, little right hook
KC Aviar-X- good approach disc
JK Aviar- long putts
Omega SS- sticks "like butta"
Gumputt- sticks "like betta butta"
Magnet-long putts
Drink (beer) Holder
Many Minis

Posted on Monday, February 04, 2002 at 21:45
Gwyn @ Oxdisc ()
Oh yeah Ive got a Polecat as well for sidearm and rolling table!

Posted on Friday, January 25, 2002 at 11:39
Salutations from yhe rainy isle!
In My bag Baby:-
X-clone - Orange, 169g. Used for driving in hurricanes. Also for comedy value.
XS - Fly dye, 169g. Looks like a jellyfish, flys like a jellyfish! Joking apart this is my work horse driver.
Z-XS - Blue, 169g. Bought this cos my old XS is getting beat. Still getting my head round this one but its getting its use.
SE Teebird - Red, 160g. Only use this on dead calm days cos its to light for me. Only bought one cos all my mates had one!
X-press - White, 169g. My favourite understable driver. Needs replacing cos its had so much use. Long range roller and extreme right turn.
Sentinal - Blue, 170g. The only approach disk when its blowing a nut case.
Roc - Yellow, 173g. Had one of these monkeys in my bag since day one. Old faithfull!
MRV - Blue, 169g. These discs are the don! They just go where you put them!
Shark - White, 165g. Bought this as an alternative to a comet and never looked back. Used for all cheeky, floaty upshots.
2x Stratus -White/yellow, 172g. My first aproach was the yellow one and I loved it. Now been religated to a roller disc cos it looks like its been mauled by an angry badger. White one rocks now.
Stingray - Blue,168g. Turnover/Right handers. I would be lost without my stingray (stingray bada ba da ba da!)
SS Omega -Horrid purple, 175g. Chain sticking skills ago-go.
Aviar - Yellow, 175g. More overstable than my omega. Use this for approach and long putts.
Tank - White, ???g. A new addition to my arsenal. Used when Im in trouble around the green (so used quite alot then!!).
Leaves, mud and other such detritus - Crappy brown, 462g. No practical use, I just never clean my bag out.
Baccy and other such construction materials. (Herbal insperation.)
More leaves.
Flask of Single malt (hopefully different to Jon T's featured elsewhere.

All the gear........No idea!!!!!

Posted on Friday, January 25, 2002 at 11:22
Obi Wan Discobi ()
new CE Firebirds are soft and less stable

Gateway Demon ROCS (full pun)

Innova still rules

Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 19:25
Jon T (
Greetings from the UK!
Currently in the bag (weights are from memory!):-
2 elite XLs - both light blue, 168g for most drives. One older and less stable than the other.
Elite X2 - white, 166g, for windy days and left turns.
Teebird - yellow, 170g, for calm days, long glides etc. Yellow is poor colour for winter/autumn.
Archangel - white, 168g, for downhill, right turns and places with lots of room!
Eagle - on loan for breaking in and trial purposes. Very nice though.
2 x Comet - red, 165g for normal use, white, 174g signature version for windy days or for shots when brute force is required. Both excellent discs and they travel on and on.....
Roc - dark red, 174g, shorter range upshots. Good and dependable, probably my main approach disc due to the reduced range.
Sentinel - blue, 172g, left fade upshots or windy days. Great disc.
Stingray - white, 170g, rollers, steep right turns, all the usual stuff.
Stinger - blue, 172g, fills the gap between putters and approach. Nice right turn. Used for odd shots from poor lies.
Avair - white, 168g, for windy days, trick shots or short range brute force through leaves etc.
Soft Magnet - yellow, 172g, main putter, lovely disc.
Omega Supersoft - orange, 170g, backup putter, easier to grip on wet days (and this is the UK so we get quite a few of them).
Innova mini for marker.
Beer towel for drying.
Single malt whisky for moral boosting and liquid talent.

Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 06:35
Dana Bell (
In my bag now...
All 172g
Z-X2, Yellow
Z-XL, Purple
Z-XS, Blue
Z-Xpress, Light Blue
X2, Blue
XL, Teal
XS, Orange
Xpress, Lime Green
(One set of elite and one set of Z;
I'm trying to get used to the slick Z plastic)
MRV, Lemon Yellow
Soft Magnet, Yellow
#2 Driver, 174g
The #2 Driver is the only Lightning I have. It is my primary disc for mid-range approaches, and it floats in water.
Everything else is Discraft.

Hail Discraft. :)

Other discs I sometimes carry are Xtreme,Xtra and Comet, and a beat up XL for rollers.

Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 21:18
Discmaster ()
CE Valk/KC Tee-long, slight hyzer
Archangel-longest, slight anhyzer
CE Firebird-long hard hyzer
CE Roc-long mid, straight
KC Roc/Gator-hyzer mid
Panther-hard anhyzer
Shark/Spider-short approaches and putts

all else pales. hail innova

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2002 at 11:17
Jesse ()
i throw all candy disks and one pure candy valkyrie and a elite z series reaper, 2 rocs ,and a aviar putter 5 mini and a base ball to get these damn things out of the pine trees

Posted on Tuesday, January 01, 2002 at 22:29

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