Word Studies


Word Studies is an expansion of the Letter Studies idea. This screen lets you do multiple searches on a single word. There are nine fixed searches and a tenth Custom search. The fixed searches include Anagrams, Blank Anagrams, Hooks, Joins, Extensions, Subwords, Misspells, Transpositions, and Stretches. Word studies are probably most valueable for high value words. XIS, for example can show alternate plays and ways to extend an prior play. Although this is for word studies, you can also enter a phoney or random letters, and find related words.

The custom search includes most of these search options and adds searches for Anagram Hooks, sub anagrams, super anagrams, and conjugation (for french studies). Each list can be selected and sorted from the ribbon. The word specs relate to the Custom search, although you can open other lists in a separate pop-up for additional displays/sorting options.

All search boxes include context menus that allow you to copy or save the list, or open in a separate window. Lists also respond to sort options in the ribbon.

The custom list also has a more detailed context menu enabled so you can do other searches or copy/save the list results. Selected words in this list also shows stats for that word. Since the size of the display of hooks can vary, I've enabled expansion of those lists, and added horizontal scroll bars. Simply widen the window to view the full width. There is no toggle to show hooks for the selected words.