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Database Projects

Following are a few of the database projects I have worked on during my work or educational career, or in my personal time. Most are Microsoft Access projects, although a few have also been adapted for MySQL or MSSQL. You will notice that the projects involve more than just building the database, but can include things such as system analysis and documentation, as well as database migration. Some databases can be found on my downloads page.
Membership Database, Organizational Membership and Financial Database.
This membership database for a local non-profit organization combines membership records with financial records. Tracks fund-raising projects and maintains records of donations. In addition to tracking paid memberships, the database also keeps records of membership activities and interests. Numerous reports are built into the database for monthly and annual reporting purposes, with revenue and expenses categorized at multiple levels. (2011 - 2012)
Undergraduate Advising Database, Records of student advising, visits, and application for graduation
This simple project was completed while working in the College of Business and Technology advising office. This is an upgrade from an existing Access database that contained a single table, forms, queries and reports. The database was normalized and forms were added to allow navigation of student records, additional information from other sources, and user maintenance of underlying data. This tracks the progress of students toward their degree requirements and their visits to the advising office. It also keeps track of graduate advisors and levels their workload. Several reports are available. A second limited, read-only interface was designed for network users within the department, but outside of the advising office. (2011) (download documentation)
Travel Expense Records, Travel Expense Recording and Reporting Database.
This project was done as part of the requirement for the Computer Information Systems capstone class. The project uses a networked Microsoft Access database to track travel expenses of employees at the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility of NASA, working on projects around the world. Some considerations in the project were the incorporation of variable per diem costs based on location and dates on site, the treatment of partial days, and an alternate navigation system similar to existing software. (2010)
Mandatory University Reporting System, Class Information and Evaluation.
This Visual Basic/ASP.NET project demonstrated a method for meeting state requirements to report on classes, instructors, syllabi, and provide capabilities for web class evaluations. This system allows for user to access information about courses offered, instructors, and specific classes. Course related syllabi are offered for general course information
  • Instructor Curriculum Vitae's are offered for instructors (where one has been provided)
  • Class information is provided, including specific instructor name, Syllabi, and a summary of the evaluations of past classes (numerical ratings are averaged and specific comments are shown)
This is a web based system accessed via a web browser, and uses a simple left-hand menu navigation system. Breadcrumbs are also provided. The system automatically shows links which may be of interest to users, including links to specific classes when a course or instructor is selected. Evaluation summaries are shown for specific classes when one is available. One feature added later was the ability of students to login and complete their evaluation for their classes. (2010) (download documentation, presentation notes)
Inventory Manager, Supply and Capital Inventory database.
Inventory Manager is a Microsoft Access database designed for Inventory Control, Physical Inventory and Chemical Inventory. Inventory Manager was developed initially to assist the departments for which we do printing, to better track their printing inventory. At the end of the year, however, it may be most valuable for doing your physical inventory. By preparing the database with items and pricing, when it's time for inventory, you can then print count sheets that have all items listed.
Inventory Manager also simplifies the annual inventory process by using your inventory records from previous years, and allowing you to just update the counts each year. Inventory Manager can also be used for inventory control, where you can print inventory checklists for ordering, as well as for chemical inventory records. Inventory Manager is an extraction of features built into Pressroom Manager and later Copy Center Manager. (2007 - 2008) (download)
Copy Center Manager, Copy Center and Campus Copier database.
A compiled database from a collection of databases developed over 5 years for the Copy Center department at UTHSCT. Starting with an Inventory recording and ordering database, and expanded to provide a comprehensive database of copy center tools. Functions were integrated to include lease information, monitor copier technician and service calls, take meter readings, calculate copy charges and produce departmental billing, maintain copier codes, and monitor copier supplies. Also used for improved physical inventory procedures. {2004 - 2008}
Pressroom Manager, Printer's Scheduling and Inventory Control database.
Pressroom Manager was developed to maintain records of paper inventory on a perpetual basis. It was expanded to include job scheduling for the print shop as well as maintain a Hazardous Chemical List, equipment inventory and maintenance records, physical inventory and extension, management of standing purchase orders and reports to create the departmental and employee UTHCT phone directory.
Pressroom Manager includes multiple relationships, tables, queries, forms, reports and macros. Other reports generated on request. A subset of the database was also created for the UTHCT/UTT Copy Center.{2002 - 2008}
Expenditure Authorization, Purchase Authorization Database
Developed a database to monitor expenditure authorizations for UTHSCT purchasing department. List all accounts, owners, administrators and other individuals authorized to sign for purchases. Database also contains digital images of all signatures for visual comparison by Purchasing, and links to authorizing documents. Also used to prepare various reports. Access front and back end. A SQL Server version was prepared initially but not used due to SQL Server security limitations.{2007 - 2008} (download)
Dynamic Web Sites
Please see my Web Projects for descriptions of Tyler Web Sites and Patriot Talon, two of the database driven websites I've developed.
Echobase, Electronic Message Conference Database and Query Software.
Initially developed to meet a specific need within FamilyNet International, Echobase system software has now been distributed within other networks. Echobase maintains a database of message conference listings that can be updated and queried remotely via netmail. Echobase also publishes lists of echoes periodically, monitors database and sends aging warnings and dated deletions. Other programs in the family simplify conference moderator updates to the database, allow users to browse a database in read-only mode. Replies and reports can be generated in user specified formats, and entries can be imported/exported from/to other databases. To my surprise, I discovered that this DOS based utility was still in use in December of 2012. After almost 20 years, it seems to be pretty solid. {1994 - 2004} (download Echobase or Echomod )

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