Dana Bell

Graphic Design Projects

This is a brief list of some graphic design projects.
Sife Annual Report , annual report for regional SIFE competition 
This was an annual report that I designed over a weekend while exchanging multiple emails with the staff indicating what should be included. Reportedly, the newsletter was a component on which the local SIFE chapter was judged in competition, and took first place. {2011}
Patriot Talon, UT Tyler student newspaper 
As a staff member of the Patriot talon, I layed out numerous pages and created graphics as needed. As Opinion Editor, one of my pages was recognized with an honorable mention in student newspaper competition. I also assisted others with InDesign and Photoshop and facilitated the transmission of pages to the printer.
RxPads, Security Enhancements
Although I used graphic design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, this was more than a graphic design project. Early in 2008, all Medicare Rx must have security features to prevent forgery. I devised a system including the use of security inks (erasable), and a designed a void pantograph to reveal alterations and attempts to copy prescriptions. The process not only met the partial requirements for Spring 2008, but also satisfied the full requirements to go into effect in October of 2008. The in-house process saved over 50% off the cost of using specialty papers that only provided a single secure feature.
Christmas Newsletter, family news
For a few years I prepared a newsletter as my form of Christmas greeting to extended family. These newsletter show examples of photography, graphics, and writing.
Other, miscellaneous projects
Newsletters for Wheelers and Walkers, newsletters and promotional material for Disc golf tournaments, Chess tournaments, personal projects for others

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