Accounting and Management Projects

The following are projects with an accounting related component.

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Education Tax Credits

Campaign and Book

In 2014 I started a campaign to educate others about the potential benefits of education tax credits using allowable adjustments for the credit allowed by treasury regulations. Numerous articles were posted on my blog and letters and emails were sent to interested tax professionals. I also encouraged institutions to become more aware of the credit, and provide 1098Ts for all students to enable/educate students and their families.
One of the results of the campaign was the publishing of two books describing the process of claiming the credit. The first book, Education Tax Credit Essentials, provided essential basic information on education tax credits. The second book, Education Tax Credits, includes a more comprehensive discussion of other educational incentives and coordination of benefits and provides extensive references to relevant sections in the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations. (2014-2015)


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Membership Database

Organizational Membership and Financial Database

This membership database for a local non-profit organization combines membership records with financial records. Tracks fund-raising projects and maintains records of donations. In addition to tracking paid memberships, the database also keeps records of membership activities and interests. Numerous reports are built into the database for monthly and annual reporting purposes, with revenue and expenses categorized at multiple levels.
One of the accounting related features is the ability to generate report for the preparation of IRS Form 990. Additionally, the database provides tools to assist in the budgeting process, including worksheets based on prior year expenses. When proper recording is done, it can also generate reports of tax-deductible donations. (2011-2012)



Travel Information System

Travel Expense Recording and Reporting Database

This project was done as part of the requirement for the Computer Information Systems capstone class. The project uses a normallized Microsoft Access database to track travel expenses of employees at the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility of NASA, working on projects around the world, and can be implemented in a network environment.

Some considerations in the project were the incorporation of variable per diem costs based on location and dates on site, the treatment of partial days, recording of additional expenses, and an alternate navigation system similar to existing software. Costs had to be allocated for different funds, tasks, and work orders by employee and trip. Data was also converted from the existing system and reports were generated for comparison. Documentation was provided for the system and a separate programmer's guide was created to assist in troubleshooting and modifications. (2010)



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